Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meal Planning

I would not ever say that I just love cooking. It is a big blotch on my home making resume, but it is true. I cook because I have a big husband who would NOT be happy to eat cereal or refried beans every day!

I love to sew, organize, clean... I really don't even mind doing laundry... but then there's the eternal question... "What's for dinner?" AAAAHHH....

When I was placing my book order a few weeks ago, I splurged on something for me... I have had this book circled in the Rainbow Resource Catalog for a year or so now, and I am so glad that I finally got it!

The book gives menus (main dishes, side items, and one special dessert & snack per week) for 13 weeks (5 meals/wk). Included are grocery lists for each week and time schedules for when you should start things during the day! (So that it is all hot at the same time!) It also includes chapters on Breakfasts and Lunches, Eating from the Garden, Special Events and Holidays, Quick Tips, Starting out Right, From Scratch, and the Family Table.

The best part about this book is that all of the meals are NORMAL FOODS that are affordable and that my family likes! There are not a bunch of recipes with things like hearts of palm and leeks... Instead, there are recipes for things like pot roast (yes, I need a recipe for pot roast!), pork chops, and chicken alfredo.

I doubt that this is the magic feather that will make me eagerly anticipate meal preparation, but I am hoping that it will not be quite so laborious! Yesterday I got my menu listed, grocery list, and went to Kroger, Sam's, and Wal-Mart. I decided to use Week one over two weeks, and supplement other meals with things from the mark-down meat bin and sale ads to fill in the gaps. I also shopped for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for two weeks. Hopefully, I can stay out of Wal-Mart until the middle of the month! (That will free up extra time for meal preparation!)

A good friend of mine has also started a blog, called Meal Planning with Connie. It is a very helpful resource for menus, recipes, and kitchen tips. She also does give aways and other neat things! Check it out- a great one to follow!


Anonymous said...

Glad you splurged on yourself! I love cooking & cleaning but don't like organizing at all. I thought creative people were supposed to be unorganized. Just don't tell my family otherwise please.

I Love using leeks. Yum!


Meal Planning with Connie said...

Love this cookbook!! Bring it for me to see!! I love to get a new recipe, but the question is always - "Okay, now what other dishes would go well with this?" I love that the author has done the work for the cook!! I love the shopping list idea, too! Someone asked me about creating one for my meal plans. Maybe your book will inspire me!! I really would love to look at! I'm sure it will just make me want one, too!!
Love ya ~ Connie

Miekie said...

What a good idea! A menu with a shopping list. I too hate deciding what we should eat. Long ago a friend and I would cook together for a whole Saturday. Each would cook five meals and then we shared the meals. We worked ourselves nearly to death, but the dirty dishes were less, the shopping was easier and we each left with 10 meals after a long day of visiting!
(Only read your history post now - left you a comment)