Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chattanooga Day 3 (Part 2)

Christy... this is for you! Here is the picture of the house. In the photo of the original house, there was no chimney, and the house was only one room deep... You could see a ladder propped up on the back of the house in the photo, and from the upstairs the way it is now, it looked like the first way of accessing the loft area was from the outside. At some point, they doubled the depth of the house, adding another bedroom, indoor stairway, bathroom, and kitchen across the back. Later, an enclosed porch/laundry area was added. At some point the porch was changed from just a lean-to type roofline to the gable roof that you see now. You can see the hill going straight up in the background, and the spring and springhouse are just behind the house, a little to the left. (not in the picture)

More pictures from the Children's museum... They had an art area where the kids could participate in a lesson and do some other hands on activities. This is Josh working on his painting.

In the hands on area, the boys spent quite a while working with clay and sculpting. There were pictures of famous pieces of art all around, and the boys were excited to see and recognize the Mona Lisa and the Arnolfini Marriage.... Here is Will and his hut (upstairs had been an exhibit about different types of housing)
Josh working with his clay piece
The rooftop was my favorite area. I don't know if it was because I enjoy physics, rainbow colors, or sunshine... probably mostly the sunshine! It was a beautiful day! There were several different hands on ways of demonstrating machines: levers, pulleys, etc... Here's Josh pulling himself up using a rope and pulley.
Sarah and Ben worked together to lift a very large ball quite high using a series of pulleys.
There was also a bubble blowing place on the rooftop. The man in the picture was filling up the tank while we were there... Bev and I were cracking up because he started singing, "Who can make a rainbow... the bubble man can," and being really goofy.
Will using the pulley chair...
This was a neat screw demonstration that required the kids to work together and spin themselves around at the bottom. Sarah, Olivia, Josh, and John were working on this one.
Ben, Will, and Sarah in this tall tower/observation area.
Once we got back to the house, I was ready to put my foot up and take a break. (Will and I on the porch) The kids were not as worn out as the grown ups, and they spent about 3 more hours playing cowboys outside!
The next morning we headed out very early to get home to Mississippi. Thanks, Norm and Bev for your hospitality! We all had a wonderful time, and my children sure enjoyed playing with yours! :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the house! What a wonderful piece of family history they have.

Of course, the children are adorable as always!