Monday, April 20, 2009

knitting pattern

I thought some of you might enjoy this knitting pattern. These dishcloths are very easy to knit, and they make great gifts.

Use the 100% cotton yarn (each ball can make two discloths) and size 7 needles.

Cast on 4 stitches, and then knit the 4 stitches. (Note: You are beginning in a corner and working out, and then you will work back down to the opposite corner)

Knit 2, yarn over, knit to the end. Continue the pattern of knit 2, yarn over, knit to end until there are 38-40 stitches on the needle.

Now you will begin the decrease...

Knit 1, knit 2 together, yarn over and knit 2 together, and knit to the end. Continue this pattern (each time you will have a net loss of 1 stitch) until you are back down to 5 stitches on the needle.

When you have the 5 on your needle, you are ready to cast off. Knit 2, loop the first stitch over and off the needle. Knit another stitch and loop the first stitch over and off the needle... continue until you have cast off all stitches.

Weave in the ends and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

A friend made some of those several years ago & they were my favorite dishrags ever. (Actually it was the same lady that wrote to the editor about how immodest I dressed at church ;o) )

It's only simple if you have any idea how to knit. Do teach.


Olivia said...

That is a great pattern. Did you make those? They are so pretty!

Meal Planning with Connie said...


Great blog! I love the story of Scott's new ring! What a sweet story! Of course, you know my favorite things are the photos of the kids! I just love them!! I have tried to subscribe. I hope I did it correctly! I love your dishcloths. On my one month endeavor of knitting (man years back), I made a few dishcloths and loved them. Yours are much prettier and neater!! Love to you all ~ Connie