Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nashville Weekend

Last weekend, Scott and I got to do an extremely rare thing. We got to go out of town without children, with another grownup couple, and stay in a hotel... 2 nights!

I was supposed to run the Nashville marathon... until, of course, I got my stress fracture. Nathan was supposed to run also, but he had been sick and thought it best not to run while coughing up green stuff. (understandable!) We decided to carry on with our plan, since we had hotel rooms and babysitters reserved.

On Friday night, we arrived in Nashville, got checked in, and went to the Expo Center to pick up my $250 T-shirt, as I like to call it... once you factor in doctor's costs and race fees! Saturday was spent hanging out, watching ESPN and Animal Planet, reading, and checking out Bass Pro. Not too exciting, but definitely relaxing!

Saturday night we went to a little juke joint near our hotel... We all enjoy live music, and these two guys were really good! They played old country hits, and we stayed for about an hour after we had finished eating to listen and sing along!
Here are Ginny and Nathan at dinner
Scott and I at dinner
The best part about the whole weekend was not worrying about the children. Scott's mom had come up for the weekend, and we knew she could handle everything. I felt kind of bad, though, because "everything" involves an awful lot when it comes to our family! She chaperoned a field trip, took the kids to park day, took them out to eat, went to Wal-Mart, made sure the chickens were fed and put up, checked on the cats and kittens, AND played doctor to one of our dogs. (Mercy conveniently skinned herself and required many, many stitches two nights before we left!) All of that was just on Friday! Yikes! Enough to make any mom tired!

We had a wonderful weekend, and can't wait too see you in 3 weeks, Nana! :)

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