Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Monday

We eat entirely too often around our home... especially at the beginning of the month when there are groceries! I know it's because we are home during the day, and the opportunities for grazing and snacking are abundant. In order to save on groceries and help us out with self control, my kitchen is going to be officially closed unless it is a mealtime or snack time.

Therefore, I planned my menu in a little more detail this week. We will see how it goes... I am just as bad as the kids! Maybe I should put some caution tape across the walkway into my kitchen or something... just kidding! Self control is a good thing.

Monday-b'fast cereal
Lunch Lunch meat, cheese
Snack raw veggies
Dinner Crock Pot Sunday chicken supper
Dessert chocolate chips and almonds

Tuesday- B'fast Eggs
Lunch- PNut butter, banana, chips, raisins
Snack- Popcorn
Dinner Crock Pot tamale casserole
Dessert- Hannah-made cookies

Wednesday- B'fast Oatmeal
Lunch Tuna
Snack- Rice cake
Dinner Super salads
Dessert Ice cream

Thursday- B'fast Yogurt and fruit
Lunch Baked Potatoes
Snack Fruit popsicles
Dinner Lentil Pizza
Dessert Sarah-made granola bars

Friday- B'fast Granola
Lunch- soup
Snack- yogurt
Dinner- Something quick and easy before the football game
Dessert- popcorn at the game

Saturday- Breakfast for dinner

Sunday- Random whatever...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stranger things...

Yesterday morning as Scott was leaving, our final exchange went something like this...

"Have a good day, hope y'all win tonight!"

"Heather, they are ranked #3 in the state. We are ranked #126."

"You never know, stranger things have happened!"

"We'll see, love you."

New Albany's second opponent of the season was to be the formidable Ripley tigers... the arch rival of the Bulldogs. They have a great offense and several big, fast players.

The kids and I didn't make it to the game, because I was helping to host a baby shower. As we left the church parking lot a little after nine, I joked, "Hey kids, do y'all want to go to Ripley?" Quickly, I insisted that it was not a good idea, and we were all going to bed as soon as we arrived home.

We found the game on the radio, and it was 14-14! The game was in the third quarter and tied up! As we pulled into the driveway, I informed the kids that we could delay bedtime just a bit. They brushed their teeth, put on PJ's , and we all piled on my bed to listen to the final quarter.

We scored and moved ahead, but we didn't make the extra point. They scored and made the extra point, making it 28-27. With less than 5 minutes left, we drove down the field and scored again, but failed to get the 2 pt. conversion. Ripley had one last shot. The kids were laughing at me as I did a somersault on my bed... so much for being still and quietly listening to the game!

One minute and thirty seconds can seem like an eternity, especially with several time outs left!

The defense came through and kept them from scoring! 33-28, NEW ALBANY WON!!!!!

The guys did a great job- the predicted score was 47-7, in favor of Ripley!

We were so excited that we all got dressed, loaded up in the van, and went to town! We got Scott a milkshake, knowing that his throat would be sore, and went to wait for the buses to arrive. As we waited, the kids made up a little cheer:

Hey, y'all,
Let's play ball!
Way to crush the tigers,
Let's go Dawgs!

Word spread that everyone was gathering downtown to cheer as the players came through town. It was one of those small town moments that you read about or see on TV... We all lined the street on our downtown stretch. The cheerleaders cheered. The FRA's (Front Row Athletes) were cheering just as loudly. Parents, teachers, and school administrators gathered, and we all waited for the buses.

The policemen announced the arrival of the team with flashing lights and sirens... The buses crept through, players hanging out the windows and giving people "five," crowds waving and cheering. We were in the crowd, cheering and waving for the guys, and proud as peacocks to see Coach Duley driving the second bus!

We jumped back in the van, and met the buses at the fieldhouse. We gave Scott his milkshake, hugs, kisses, and congratulated players. By the time we got BACK home, it was 12:00!!! So much for an early bedtime!

Way to go, Dawgs! My throat is a little sore, just from listening in my bedroom!

Back to School Pictures

Back to School 2009-2010

Hannah- 5th grade this year

Sarah Grace- 4th grade this year

Will- 2nd grade this year

Josh is in Kindergarten!

Monday, August 24, 2009

fitness or comptetitive team?

2 Cor. 5:14 For the love of Christ controls us

James 4:4 Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of teh world makes himself an enemy of God.

I've been thinking about love lately... from the Sunday morning angle and the Wednesday PM angle. First, John has been preaching about the love of God on Sunday mornings. In addition, Anthony has been preaching through James on Wednesday evenings, and James has a lot to say about love for the world.

The two series could be combined by saying, "We must flee from any love of the world that so easily grips us. We must run to Christ, who is our Beloved, altogether lovely One... who deserves all our love, because He has loved us FIRST with a perfect, everlasting love."

We can not love the world and be controlled by the love of Christ at the same time. That brings us to a crisis point... which one is it going to be? If it were only as easy as saying, "I'll choose B, please!"

John used an illustration about our cross country team yesterday. He mentioned how in preparing for races with the Spartans, runners can choose to be on the "fitness team" or the "competitive team."

The fitness team gets to have fun and just work on getting exercise (and I try not to yell... too much... at this group!) The competitive team, on the other hand, is there to work hard and well, be competitive! :) These are the runners who know that a good race involves pushing yourself to the limit... even if it means throwing up or collapsing at the finish!

In the Christian walk, choosing the "fitness team" leads to certain death. In fact, there IS no Christian fitness team- we are told that we are running a race, and we are told to do it well.

The hope of the cross makes us run fast, and the thing that will keep us un-distracted is love... His love for us, our love for him, and faith that is the bridge between the two.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After leaving Vainisi's, the kids and I headed south to Pontotoc. We had taken on the exciting challenge of farm-sitting for some vacationing friends!!! I am so glad they got to go away together, and the weekend turned out to be not too much of a challenge at all!

The Brandons have five children who are all very competent farmers. I did not even go to the barn while we were there! Goat milking, pig and chicken feeding... it was all taken care of. There was one small incident involving a poor baby chick and some cannibal turkeys, but we won't go into details... I think the chick is recovering, though.

I spent most of the weekend cleaning and cooking... How do my friends with 9+ children ever leave the kitchen? We all enjoyed the special treat of cooking organic chicken and drinking fresh, raw goat's milk. There is definitely a difference in chicken taste... it was delicious! Josh probably drank 2 or 3 quarts of goat milk while we were there, and all of my children came home begging me to get one for our family! Maybe goats will be next spring... I am actually considering raising and killing meat chickens after last weekend!Sarah and Neo at the race

Friday night was the Bodock 5k, conveniently located in Pontotoc. It was hot and humid! After cleaning all day, I was sure that it was going to be a slow run. However, I was pleasantly surprised and managed to run a 22:06. Sarah ran 29:49, and Hannah ran a 33:42. I was proud of them, because they are just now gaining some consistency in their training.
Look at all of these Spartans before the race!

Danielle and Julie started our Spartan season off right with runs just over 21 minutes. Our varsity girls' team has quite a bit of potential this year. The key will be to keep everyone injury free and postpone peak racing until the end of the season. They are all such good, hard workers, that it is hard to make them take it easy some days... That makes me nervous and proud at the same time!Elvis provided the after race entertainment!

Some of the Spartan girls after the race

We had 65 Spartans and Spartan parents participating in the race! I can't wait until we all show up in our t-shirts!Kate, Caroline and Lia are some of my younger runners- great job, girls!

We got back to Zion Farms around 11:00, and then Saturday dawned EARLY... well, actually, we got up BEFORE dawn to go to the farmer's market in Oxford. By 6:45, we had the tent set up and ready to sell some meat and eggs out of the Zion Farms meat trailer. We checked out the tents selling vegtables, baked goods, fresh flowers, fresh milk, and even hot coffee and live music! (The musicians had a sign reading, "We play for tips and produce!")

Hannah was delighted with the atmosphere of the day. In fact, she has decided that she is going to participate in the New Albany farmer's market next year! I think she is going to try to grow flowers to sell and do eggs or bread as well.

The rest of the weekend was relatively uneventful... We went to the channel, and I got to float over the "waterfall." I wasn't planning on getting wet, but there is something altogether too enticing about a wide, rocky creek! Saturday afternoon Scott came and picked up our children... Will had cut his hand pretty badly at the channel and needed some anti-biotics... we don't like swollen knots and red streaks!

The Brandon kids and I went and explored their creek (different from the channel), and had a nice, quiet evening. I was so tired by Saturday night that I think I passed out at 9:00 on the dot!

Sunday was church, and then Monday we prepared for the arrival of Heather and Ron. I believe I was labeled a "clean freak," but Scott laughed and (a little too strongly) denied it! We had a fun weekend, and I am so glad that my friends were able to enjoy a trip together!

Chef Sarah

As I mentioned previously, Sarah got first place at the fair for her cinnamon cake. Last Thursday, she got to go to Vainisi's and "teach" Mr. Frank how to make her secret recipe!
Frank sent out a "tweet" about her dessert, and the restaurant featured it for the next week. Here she is with the finished product. Mrs. Connie would be so proud! :)

Just a plug for Vainisi's... Frank, Tracy and their girls are a sweet, Christian family here in New Albany. If you like Italian food or pizza, look no further... this is the restaurant for you! Frank makes great pastas, and his pizzas are a delicious, thin crusted treat! You can also enjoy steaks, salads, or sandwiches... a wide variety of choices. My favorite is the Java Melt; a hamburger with cheese and onions, served on buttery toasted bread. Yum!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Worth it all

One of those priceless memories... Will volunteered to read to Josh the other day, and he read an entire Magic Treehouse book to him! Josh was delighted, and asked Will to read every day!

A Fair Day

Yesterday we went to kids day at the Union County Fair!

We arrived at the youth rodeo just in time... Josh got to sign up for mutton bustin'! It was so cute to see the little kids riding on those sheep, holding on for dear life.

Waiting in line, Josh kept on saying over and over, "oooh, I am so excited!"

Josh did a great job, but he got the "Lazy sheep." It didn't take off running like the others, and the men had to keep slapping it on the bottom! It never started running, but it did try to buck him off. Finally, the sheep just rolled over on top of him!
He got a ribbon for participating, which was promptly posted beside his bed!

Later that day, Hannah, Sarah, and Will participated in the youth cooking competition. Hannah made a peanut butter chocolate dessert, Will made cow patty cookies, and Sarah made a cinnamon coffee cake.Gia, Vivian, Hannah, Sarah, and Will before the judging.

There were not very many competitors, so the judges came up with categories... making sure that everyone had their own category! Hannah won "Best Trifle," Will won "Best Cookie," and Sarah won "Best Cake." Sarah also won "Best Overall," and her dessert gets to be featured in Vainisi's restaurant for a week! She was presented with a chef hat and apron, and a first place ribbon!

We also had fun in the free "Kids Corner," jumping on all of the jumping things and playing "American Gladiator."

Josh and I playing "American Gladiator"

It was a HOT day at the fair, but we all had fun. The kids did a great job, and they are all trying to figure out what to bake NEXT YEAR!!

Shifting Gears

It's that time of year again. Last Sunday night I flipped the switch, changed gears, and became a football widow once again!

Monday marked the beginning of football season (officially) for Scott and cross country season for the rest of us. I showed up at his practice to take a few "first day" pictures, but Coach Duley wasn't cooperating. It's a good thing that the boys at the water cooler were so obliging! :)

I did manage to get an action shot or two... look at that handsome coach! :)

I had my camera at cross country practice last week, but I forgot to stop and take pictures! We have almost 60 kids on our roster for the year. WOW! Go Spartans! Our girls team is going to be really strong, if we can keep healthy legs. We have a couple returning high school boys, but otherwise we are quite young on the boys' side. I am sure I will post details as we go through the season.