Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cooking day

Today has been a beautiful, busy, fulfilling, "Whew I'm pooped" kinda day.

I chuckled to myself as I came in a few minutes ago...What would my facebook "friends" from high school say if I changed my status to "Heather is finished cleaning out the hen house and now picking chicken mess out of her cast!"

My, my, who ever thought I would be posting pictures of chickens... not to mention really liking them and referring to them as "my little friends!" In reality, I am quite taken with our new little pets. (Egg-specially since they are beginning to be quite the little producers!) One of my favorite things to do is sit on our back porch and watch them mill around and peck at bugs. However, this is not quite as relaxing for my husband... the chickens enjoy scratching in the straw holding his grass seed in place!

Hannah displaying our eggs!

Today was cooking day! The kids and I are leaving town next week, and we wanted to make sure Scott has plenty to eat while we are gone. The girls (esp. Hannah) did a significant portion of the cooking... and the clean up!

Hannah made two pans of lasagna and a double batch of blueberry muffins. Sarah made a double batch of "rotel muffins," a quiche-like recipe. Both muffin recipes freeze well and make a super quick, relatively healthy breakfast.

Cooking day was briefly interrupted by a spur of the moment water balloon fight... Hannah and I did not participate, but we were lured away from chopping onions to take pictures and serve as witnesses!

We also kept taking brief breaks from our tasks to run (for myself, I use the term quite loosely) upstairs and check on our new KITTENS!!! Last night Sophie (lately known as Fatso-phie) gave birth to three kittens! We have been speculating as to whether or not she was pregnant, getting extremely fat, or just really fluffy. Lately, the fluffy option had been ruled out, and we were fairly certain that the obesity option could be ruled out as well...she definitely had the pregnant mama waddle goin' on!

Anybody want a free kitten?!

As we worked, we had all of the windows open and enjoyed my favorite background noise... the sound of Scott on the tractor and the boys... and sometimes Sarah... playing outside. I can't explain it, exactly, but the sound of the tractor is a comforting, secure... "this is home kind" of sound. Scott got most of the backyard disced up, harrowed, and seeded. How I look forward to the day when I look out the back windows and don't see a vast expanse of red dirt!! It won't be long; our front yard is getting green!

When we finished our cooking, we joined the boys outside for some chores, and the kids had a great game of hide-n-seek in our tall rye grass. At "dark-thirty," we all came in for baths and supper, and spent some time reading aloud before bed. What a great day!


Roan said...

I love the sound of my man on a tractor or backhoe too!
Please share the recipe for rotel muffins. That sounds yummy!
I don't want a kitten!
Glad you had such a great day!

Anita said...

I would like the rotel muffin recipe as well. Please post it!

I don't want a kitten, either. Cats are evil unless they are outside keeping the mice from getting inside!

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with Mr Scott. Chickens upset me.

Julie McAfee said...

Love the update! Your girls are so helpful, I wish Kirsten would help out like that. I don't want a kitten either, I have four indoor cats already.

Amy said...

Aren't chickens great!?! Love those farm fresh eggies. We have enjoyed Sarah today! Hope you have a good week.

Miekie said...

How blessed your children are to have you for a mother. What a great time together - enjoy every moment. Have a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

What about the smell of diesel fuel on his clothes? Takes me back to the newlywed days while we were still on the farm. Sigh...

No kitten here either!

Chickens are terrible for the landscaping. Enjoy them milling around awhile then lock em up if you want to get grass established.

Ya'll have a good time on your trip!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day. I hope it's pretty next Saturday when we are there. The rotel muffins sound great!

Anonymous said...

The Rotel muffins sound great.

Don't want a kitten.

LOVE reading your blog! It's never boring! I agree Miekie--your children are blessed to have you for their mom!

Marsha B