Saturday, March 16, 2013

Goats in the house!!

Our goats are part of our family, just like our cats and dogs, and we are very attached to them.  You may not know this about goats, but they get attached to people as well.  They love their masters and show their affection by "yelling" at us when we exit the back door.  When we go to feed them, they prance excitedly and nuzzle their heads against us, trying to fight for attention.  

Whenever the opportunity arises, they escape their pen.  I never worry about them running off or going down to the highway... oh, no.  These goats want to be near us.  

They come knocking on the door... 

Asking us to come out and play with them.

If we don't answer, they might try to come and find us.

"Hellooooooo, Duleys, we know you are in there...... Come play with us!"

And I don't mind, really.  BUT, you have to have boundaries with people AND animals.  I love the goats, but I stand firm.  


One day during "Apron Madness" the goats came knocking.  But this time it wasn't on the door.  

Dorothy and her mom were working with me in my "sweat shop"/ dining room, and the goats came onto the porch.  Sally Mae saw us busily working and ignoring their pleas for attention.  Seeing me sitting right across from her, through the kitchen window, she decided to take action.  Sally jumped up and placed both of her hooves on my kitchen window, and I didn't know what hit me.

Pandemonium ensued.  When something (a double paned window) crashed over my head, I screamed.  Worried about what had just konked me on the head, I kept sewing... right up and down and in and out of my finger.   I still didn't realize what exactly happened, and I remember calling for Dorothy to get my finger out of the machine... it was making me sick to my stomach!  The needle had broken off inside my finger and was wedged in the presser foot!

When I realized that my window frame was around my neck and that I was attached to my sewing machine, I told Dorothy to get the camera.  I needed a picture of this, or Scott was never going to believe it.

The picture above doesn't really do the scene justice.  Apparently, there were jagged pieces of glass all around my head and the back of my neck, and Mrs. Holland and Dorothy had to work carefully to get it off me.  I didn't have a cut on me, but I picked glass out of my aching head/hair for the rest of the day.

Dorothy took me to town, and the nurse of our local surgeon numbed the area so we could pry off the presser foot and remove the needle (and thread).  I will spare you the gross "before picture," but here it is, all bandaged up.

When we got back home, Hannah and Mrs. Holland had the area all cleaned up, and it was back to work.

I was very much  unproductive for the rest of the day... after the sewing needle came out of my hand, my head really started throbbing.  When Scott came home, he put in a temporary pane, and made sure it was not going anywhere... (notice the chair on top of the table pressed against the window!)

I'm tellin' y'all, "Apron Madness" really was madness around our house!

Back to the goats... I'll finish up with a few random goat pictures that make me smile.  Here is Elvis, our "Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love Boy Goat."  Yes, he is being transported to our farm in the back of my mini van.  That's how we roll.

Here is Marnie.  She was a sweet little girl who liked to cuddle, but her mama's horns permanently scarred the ego of our Great Pyrenees, Chewbacca.  We had to sell them and get girls with no horns.

And finally, to watch Linda, our 150lb Nubian (who is so fat I think she is going to pop), get in and out of the dog igloo is a sight to behold.  She seems to like chillin' in there, though!


Laura McCoy said...

Girl, you are too twisted for colah-TV! I love you and your warm, laid-back home!

Kurt Strassner said...

I've been waiting for this one. Fun times in Keownville! Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

We love your goat stories!!

The Brandons