Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More fun, random running camp pictures

The swimming pool wasn't ready, so we had some slip 'n slide fun to cool off one afternoon!

I think my Toppers had almost as much fun as my Spartans! (above: Hunter, Beth, Richard, Stephanie). (below: Martha, Leslie, Julie, Hannah, Olivia, Stephanie, Sarah, Danielle, Mercy, Noelle, Catherine, and AnnaBeth)

At the race on Saturday, one of the obstacles was a cattle gate across the trail... In fact, we had three. This was easy for the big people who could vault over, and it was easy for the little people who could go through the cracks, but it was not so easy for those in the middle who had to climb over!

The weather was perfect, and we were so thankful to NOT have a monsoon on our trails the night before the race!

Meanwhile, the fire truck was getting the mud pit nice and muddy!

For people to have fun... Like this!

Thankfully, they stayed around to clean us off... Like this!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chicken Killin'

Our meat birds were finally big enough to slaughter. We took them to the farm of some friends, so that we could butcher them in a sanitary, expedient fashion. I was so busy gutting chickens and cutting breasts that I forgot to take any pictures! Regardless, I had 44 chickens in my freezer by 1:00pm on the fourth of July!

Last week, Scott and the kids were able to go back and help our friends butcher their chickens! This time, he remembered to take pictures. If you've seen one dead chicken, you've seen another, so I thought would just post pictures from that day...because I know everyone wants to know how organic yard chickens are slaughtered....

First, they are shoved head first into these stainless cones. Their throats are cut and they are allowed to hang there and bleed out for a while.

Next, they go into the scalder (left) and plucker (right).

When they come through the little window to us, they look more like
a grocery store chicken... Especially after little Hallel cuts off their feet.

The people in the gutting line get footless chickens out of the ice buckets and go to work. This. Is. Gross. Guts. Are. Warm. Yuck.

After they are gutted, they are put into another ice bath to await packaging.

Finally, it's time to go cool off in the creek or channel while the grown ups finish up!

If you are cringing with disgust... Trust me...this is much more humane and sanitary than what the Tyson and Sanderson chickens experience!! (and they are oh so much more tasty!)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

running camp

This year BMC hosted our second cross country camp for runners in grades 6-12. Last year we got our feet wet with a day camp, but this year we took the plunge and had an overnight camp that culminated in a mud/obstacle 5K race!

Eighty-two runners from four states came to learn about different aspects of cross country, train, and have fun! Area professionals spoke about the importance of team, stretching, preventing injuries, and ADVENTURE! Kenneth Williams, everyone's favorite speaker, came and talked about the amazing things a person can do when a certain level of fitness is maintained. Good encouragement to stay active... Look out, Mt. Kilimanjaro!
We kept everyone very busy running, strength training, going to meetings, doing activities... whew, I'm tired just remembering it all! On Friday night the groups performed lip sync acts for each other... It was funny to see my Spartan girls jamming to "9-5" and "The Big Bad Wolf."

On Saturday morning, I rose early. TOO EARLY, in fact, because I couldn't sleep; I just knew I was forgetting something major. After making much needed coffee and gathering supplies, I headed out to the course. The Blue Mountain Fire Department came and hosed down our mud pit. Not just a little water. Thousands of gallons of water were expended into our finish stretch of mud. Mwahahahaha....
Runners were instructed to "NOT GET INJURED!" during the race, so the three fastest had a little fun on the course... The other runners were having fun, but it was a little more work. These guys make it look easy! Luke Hatcher, running in the middle, will be signing to run for BMC in 2012!
Hannah and Sarah did a great job at camp, and Hannah (above) was working hard during the race. Scott ran the race with Josh (below), who was determined to complete the 5K despite a lack of training... what Duley can resist cattle gates, hay bales, culverts, and a mud pit, right? Will had to be a spectator due to some random face swelling issues... he was disappointed, but the doctor felt like he better take it easy for a few days. :(

When runners started coming to the finish, things got messy. (Haha, of COURSE they did- it was a mud race!!) We had flagged off the mud pit so that runners had to crawl under the flagging to get to the finish line...
Sarah was the first Duley to cross the finish line, and the determination is evident in her expression. Hannah was next, and just as tired! Not quite as tired as my friend Dorothy (below), however... She decided to pause for just a second before getting across the finish! Josh managed to cross the finish line faster than the last time he ran a 5K without obstacles.
When Scott came through the finish line with Josh, he decided to share the mud love with me... but I didn't mind!When runners were done with the race, the fire department was on hand to hose off the muddy runners. This was a very welcome shower for most muddy people!
Finally, while the awards were being tabulated, the BMC runners raced through the mud pit.Seriously, you didn't think they just crawled through the mud pit and that was all? No way, a mud fight was definitely in order! These guys had been working hard all week, and it was time to relieve a little stress!
Mr. Coach Duley had to show the East Union freshmen that he is still the boss (above), and Derek had a seat right on top of Nathan (below).
What a motley crew...
BUT, I think I'll keep them... GO TOPPERS!