Thursday, May 14, 2009

End of year party

We have just wrapped up our school year with Excelsior Classical Co-Op. Last Friday afternoon, we had our end of the year presentations and party. Each class did presentations of things they had learned. We are going to miss seeing our friends and teachers next year!

Kelley Crampton, Hannah, Carlyle Smith, Catherine Snyder, and Sarah posing after their presentations. The girls recited limericks they had written about historical figures.
Will recited the Pater Noster (Lord's Prayer) with his Latin class. Josh and Will identified famous pieces of art and artists of the Renaissance with their art appreciation class. It is so exciting to hear my five year old say "Albrect Durer... Praying Hands!"
My history class did not do a presentation, but we had our timelines on display for the parents to check out.
Sandy Morris played several fun relay games with the kids. Brayden, Tripp, Qiao, Phoebe, and Abbey were enjoying an airhead while waiting for the next game.
Josh and John have developed the sweetest friendship. These two are peas in a pod... we're talking trouble in a few years! They spent most of the afternoon off on the playground!
Jonathan Crampton, Andrew Snyder, Will, and Brayden Stephenson waiting on pizza.

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