Wednesday, April 15, 2009

chattanooga day 2

I got a few of these pictures out of order. Here is Amy, the penguin trainer during our up close and personal penguin encounter!

This shark cage (you can see the bent bar in the bottom picture) was attacked by a shark during the filming of a documentary. The occurrence and documentary inspired the movie Jaws! The shark in the background is just a picture, but we were right beside a large tank with several sharks.
There was also a butterfly garden exhibit. The kids could stand still and let butterflies land on them. There were also laminated pages with pictures of the different specimens. Will particularly enjoyed identifying the butterflies. Here are Jon and Ben taking a break on a bench in the butterfly garden.
After a full day at the aquarium, we went to have dinner at a nearby restaurant. The kids saw this brick boat and immediately jumped in for a voyage!

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