Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Discovery in Nashville

We are friends with a family who is very familiar with their roots in the South. This fascinates me, and I have often wondered about my heritage. OK, let me level with you. Really, I wanted to have a confederate veteran somewhere in there, so that I could possibly go to a hoop skirt ball one day!

There was extremely fast internet in our hotel lobby, so I decided to check it out on Saturday afternoon. I found a very distant cousin or uncle who had posted a great deal of helpful information.

It turns out that my direct relatives were some of the first settlers in Kosciusko, MS. In fact, the town was named by a great x ? grandfather, Samuel Dodd, because of the fondness an ancestor had for Thaddeus Kosciuzko, a general for George Washington. Before coming to MS, the family had been touched by the revivals in the 1700s in Virginia. Apparently, they were a godly family with a Christian heritage. These relatives were actually descendants of the first baptist preacher in the US (Roger Williams from Rhode Island).

My great, great, great grandfather, Robert B. Webb, did not participate in the war between the states, He was against the expansion of slavery into new territory, and chose not to fight. This ended up working in his favor, because he was then allowed after the war to serve as sheriff, treasurer, and in other capacities.

Although I did not have any direct descendants fight for the Confederacy, it turns out that R.B. Webb's father, my gggggrandfather Micajah Webb, was somehow related to General Robert E. Lee through his mother's side of the family! Can't get any more Confederate than that!

R.B. Webb's wife, Matilda Boyd Webb, had a very complimentary eulogy in the newspaper. It seems that she was a kind, godly servant of Christ.

R.B. and Matilda had a daughter named Evelyn Webb Dodd. While at school in Oxford, MS, she and two other friends started Delta Gamma Sorority. There is even a historical marker on her headstone in the Kosciusko Cemetery! Evelyn Webb married Samuel Lapsley Dodd, a banker, and one of their daughters was Mary Dodd.

Mary Dodd married Jefferson Ward Crosier, from Ohio. They had one child, Lapsley Ward Crosier. Mary died when my grandfather, Lapsley, was still a boy. Jefferson Ward Crosier remarried a lady, and apparently she "took the money and ran" with the family inheritance that should have gone to my grandfather. (It was through my grandfather's mother.) My great grandfather died the year I was born, so I don't remember him. At some point, he and his wife had moved to Memphis and become co-owners of the yacht club. Lapsley grew up and married Van Chaney Crosier, and they had 8 children. My father was the baby of the group! His name is Robert Lapsley Crosier... now we know where the Robert and the Lapsley came from!

I thought this was a great experience in giving history a face. Sometime in the next week or two, I plan to go to Ole Miss and see if the Delta Gamma house has any pictures or information on Eva Webb. This summer, I want to take the kids and head down to Kosciusko to check out the cemetery and visitor's center. The first baptist church is built on the homeplace of my ggggrandparents, and I thought they might have some historical information as well.


Meal Planning with Connie said...


This is very interesting! My grandmother became very interested in genealogy several years before her death. She traced her and my grandfather's root back to at least Revolutionary times. She was so proud when she became a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution! Of course, as a teenager I wasn't interested, just wished she'd stop pulling photocopied picture of dead people out of manila folders to show us! Now, I wish I had paid more attention. I keep thinking I'll contact the folks in her home town and get a copy of her DAR membership documentation...
Much love ~ C.

Anonymous said...

Delta Gamma's founders were Anna Boyd Ellington, Eva Webb Dodd (not Boyd) and Mary Comfort Leonard. You can check out DG history at under the About Us section. Last summer I visited Oxford and saw the plaques at the sight of the Lewis School for Girls where DG was founded by these 3 women.

Heather said...

Oops, I am a yo-yo... thanks for your comment... I messed up several names in that post! That's what I get for posting after 9 PM! :)

Ginger said...

Hi Heather,
I found your year-old plus-post while looking at Dodd genealogy for my daughter. Did you ever made your trip to Kosciusko? If you haven't yet, be sure to visit the local Historical Society. Since all three founders of DG were from Kosciusko, there is a Delta Gamma room in the Historical Society building where you can see all kinds of things DG. All this history was pounded into my brain when I pledged in the 1960's, and what do you know, I ended up marrying into the family - my ex-husband's great grandmother was Samuel Lapsley Dodd's sister, Jimmie Ann.