Monday, April 20, 2009

Special Dinner

Many years ago, Scott lost his wedding ring while visiting his Aunt in Florida. He was cleaning out from under her dock, and the ring caught on a branch... It was not to be seen again.

Recently, the kids and I decided we would get him a ring and surprise him with it. This was a great idea, but saving money out of the grocery budget each month was easier said than done!

(Did I mention that my 5 year old ate 5 eggs, 1/4 lb ham, and a hamburger bun for dinner last week?!?)

After a few months of turning up empty-handed, we hatched a plot. I went back to cleaning house for a lady once a month. We agreed to save most of the money and use a little each time for some sort of treat, like a coke from Sonic... bribery for secrecy... just a treat for helping me and doing school independently... you be the judge!

The first time we cleaned, Scott was out of town; no problem. The second time, we told him we went to the house to discuss school and have lunch... technically not a lie, because we did discuss school and have lunch. This week, because it is Spring football and Thursday was also the district track meet, I managed to avoid all questions in the few moments we saw him before bedtime!

Friday after Excelsior, we picked up the ring and got some special dinner items. Steak! Sweet potato fries! Salad! Cheesecake! YUM!!! We got home as quickly as possible and changed into dinner attire, set the table, and got food ready. I had left a message for Scott to call me when he was on his way home, and all of our plans were hinging on him getting the message. He did indeed call, so I stuck fries and rolls in the oven and threw the steaks on the grill. (Special thanks to Papa John and my over-the phone steak grilling 101 class!) When he drove up, the boys were out front to keep him detained while we put food on the table. When he came in, this was his place setting...

I couldn't believe it! We never get to pull off surprises, but we did it! He was thrilled, although we are still speculating as to whether it was the ring or the steak that had him excited! :)

Here is the delicious cheesecake. After Sarah had eaten her fill, she leaned back, groaned, and said, "Oh, now I know why rich people are fat!" That gave us all a good chuckle!


Julie McAfee said...

Thanks for sharing that story. I know the kids are excited to have been a part of the planning and the carrying out of the plan. You all a great family.

ron said...

I have not had such a joyous time of crying in a long time. As I read this I was overwhelmed with the goodness of our God. He has blessed us so abundantly with our families. What a joy and pleasure to be a family; to be "THE DULEYS" or "THE BRANDONS" and to see into the treasures of children and personalities and the wealth of culture created within the family unit. I smile when I think of those rough, tough, rowdy "DULEYS". I consider it an honor to call the Duleys my friends.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! I could never keep a secret like that. It is an overwhelming JOY when we think of the kindness of the Lord to our beautiful families. How did we get such amazing husbands? Well, you're real cute but mine was a wonderful kindness from a loving Father.
Pinch Sarah's cheek- she is sooo cute!!!

& you got Ron all sappy WTG!

Love Ya'll Bunches!!!!

Anita said...

How sweet and precious that you and the children worked together to provide a wonderful surprise for your hard working hubby. Hmmm...Jeff is leaving town tomorrow for a three days....aside from somehow having all the repairs on our house done and paid for, I can't think of any thing BIG we could's my wedding ring that's missing...maybe I'll put it to the kids to think of something. Truly inspiring!