Monday, October 27, 2008

God's Goodness part 2

John preached on God's goodness again yesterday, primarily using Psalm 107.
Two things I want to remember...

When we get together, how much time do we spend talking about the goodness of the Lord compared to the time we spend complaining about how hard or crazy our week has been? Are we a thankful people, always aware of the constant goodness of the Lord to us?

Whoa... this was right after a long email I had sent making excuses for not getting school work done and listing all of the hectic factors in my week. Not just that, but I realized how much I complain just to make conversation... I have often lamented over my difficulties in turning conversation to a spiritual nature. This would happen a lot more naturally if I would make it a point to make conversation about things I am thankful for rather than things I am grumbling about!

John also made it a point to address the children in the sermon just after reminding parents how dependent we are on God's goodness for the salvation of their souls. He suggested that they entreat God based on His promises in Scripture.

I remembered that a friend of mine had given me a little thing called "The Bread Box" a year ago or so. It is a little plastic loaf of bread with cards sticking up that have Scriptural promises on each card. I pulled it off my windowsill (where it looks nice, but doesn't get used often enough), and put it in the center of the table. The kids remembered that part of the sermon, and we all decided that at each meal we would read a promise and pray in that direction.

Changing the subject... but thinking of things to be thankful about....

This morning dawned cold!!! The weather has changed! Sarah went and gathered some sticks, and we lit our first fire of the season. It only lasted about 3 minutes, because it was made up of twigs, but our chimney draws very well! The kids and I went out this afternoon and sawed some small logs to build another fire. We timed it so that when Scott got home, we had the house clean and a fire roaring in the fireplace (This fire lasted about 15 minutes!) This weekend we are going to get to choppin' and work on our woodpile!
Sarah and her fire

It will be such a treat to have a fireplace to enjoy but not depend on! One thing I am SO thankful for is to have a home with central heat! (Our home in Kentucky was 100 years old and heated with two wood stoves... we could see our breath downstairs some mornings! BRRRR!... )

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The Stringer's said...

Hey Heather! Very helpful and convicting. I'm just now catching up on reading blogs. I hope we can talk soon. much love,