Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wild Blue

Hooray! We finally have internet... a reliable version that is not dial up... in our home! We tried the AT&T thing that plugs into your laptop, but we live so far out in the boonies that we didn't get good enough cell phone signal. We went with Wild Blue, which is a satellite provider. Apparently, if the weather is not bad, the signal is pretty good.

It is so nice to have internet at home now! I need to work out a schedule for the kids b/c they are just as excited as I am. I will probably work increments into our school day... How do some of you work that out?

Some of you have read Hannah's blog recently, but we have had a busy few days. On Monday morning Christine (the family that has been staying with us for a while but has just found a house) was using my van take Brayden to school, and she was rear ended by a woman. Christine was stopped at a RR crossing b/c a bus was oncoming with its sign out, and a woman rear ended her going 40mph. She and the kids were ok, but had stiff necks. Later that afternoon I was taking her to the chiropractor because Hannah had an X ray appointment, and we got rear ended again in town!!!

I have spent the last few days on the phone with insurance, taking people to the chiropractor (we all had headaches, too), and all of the things that go along with an accident.

Today we cleaned the house I do once x week, went straight to Dr. Martin's office, drove from NA to Oxford to get an estimate and get the rental van, and then home for supper. When I went to get the estimate, the man said the van might be totalled out b/c it looked like there might be structural damage and there was a LOT of visible damage. I am not sure how that works, but I hope that does not mean they will try to give us a check for $9,000 or whatever they deem the present value of the van to be. Our rental reimbursement was only enough for a compact car, but I had a meltdown and the insurance guy softened and made sure we could get a van. So, now we just wait a few days and find out what is going to happen.

In the meantime, I am pooped! Tomorrow I clean a different house early in the morning, Josh has a Dr. appt. at 11:30, we have to drive to Byhalia to pick up Will, and then there is XC practice at 4:00. Friday is school and then football game, Saturday race and clean the house... I might not post again until this weekend.


Liesa said...

Congrats on the internet!!!
Enjoy. Sorry about your van.
Maybe it will all work out.(insurance,etc.)
I'm glad the family found a house.
I know your family has been such a blessing to them.
See ya tomorrow afternoon at XC.

Roan said...

Oh Heather! I hope your week gets better! THANK YOU FOR COACHING OUR KIDS! I really appreciate you!
about the satellite internet.....ours doesn't work in the rain, but otherwise, it is great!