Monday, October 27, 2008

End of Season

We have had a whirlwind of a week or two... Lots of crazy little stuff going on, but we also had our last cross country race of the year this weekend followed by an end of the season cookout. Instead of participating in a meet, we ran in Race for the Cure in Tupelo. Approximately 4,000 people were there (many, many walkers), and our group did great! I was not expecting many of the kids to get awards, but we had quite a few to get trophies! Julie was our top female with a time around 20:30, and Zack and Forrest ran in the low 18:00's.

I decided to run in this one also, and I am very thankful to Olivia. My goal was to be able to see her at the finish line (secretly, my goal was to be within throwing a softball distance at the finish line), but we worked together during the race and I finished right behind her. She did a PR, and I ran a little faster than I have in a while... 21:45. I'm not a Spring chicken anymore, so I was pretty satisfied with that!

After the awards, we went to the Johnsons' home to cook hot dogs and visit. The kids all had a great time playing and hanging out one last time. I decided to do awards this year, so I passed out the MVP, Most Improved, Bow Up, and Fitness awards.

The JV girls gave me the sweetest, most thoughtful surprise...
Oh, yeah, just in case you were wondering... "You're lookin' at the best coach ever!"

The team also gave me a super generous gift that will allow me to get some running clothes and pay my registration fee for the Memphis 1/2 marathon. It has been such a pleasure to work with these kids this year... I am already looking forward to next season!

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