Saturday, October 11, 2008

Getting Wet!!!

Well, I sure am glad I packed the change of clothes!!!

All of my teams did great today, but I want to spend this post bragging on my JV girls. They did so well today at the Tippah Lake XC Invitational. Saltillo was there, and Coach Covington has a large group of girls running. Other teams included New Albany, East Union, Kossuth, and several others. In the JV meet the girls ran 2 miles, and there were no class divisions (it was 1A-5A all together).

We have been working on pack running all season, and Catherine Snyder and Courtney Crampton showed me that they have been getting the message. We had 4 girls in the top 10! It was obvious early on in the race that it would be close between the Spartans and Saltillo; in fact, I think Coach Covington was even a little nervous!

Julie and Olivia Johnson finished first and second... they have done such a good job this year and really motivated the other girls to work hard. Catherine and Courtney finished 4th and 8th, and our number 5 girl, Sarah Gunnells made a major step up today. Sarah has been mid/back of the pack, but when I told her we needed her, she really picked it up and got up there! Martha and Margaret Chunn and Hannah Baggett all did very well also.

It ended up that we tied with Saltillo for first.... the first Spartan victory!!! They gave us second, and it took me until right now to realize why. I thought it was b/c Julie is really only 6th grade and technically shouldn't have counted; however, in xc a tie breaker goes to the #6 runner, and Saltillo was quite a bit more stacked than we were.

I am sure the Spartans are thankful that I did not realize what had happened until now.... because I conceded to jumping in the lake!

We all headed down the hill, I jumped in, and then the whole team ended up in there with me. I couldn't just let our #1 and 2 girls stand back and watch, though, so I threw Julie in, and Olivia joined her... sorry, Roan.

What fun- I am so proud of their hard work! Check out the Joyful Johnson blog, and Roan will probably have pictures posted!

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