Monday, October 20, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It has taken me until Monday morning to post about this because the bad and ugly were SO bad and ugly. However, the good was really good, so I will start with that!

Saturday morning the runners participated in a 5k in Corinth, MS. Everyone did very well. Last week I had to give credit to the girls' JV team, but this week it goes to the boys' varsity group and our elementary participants. Forrest and Zack ran their PRs of the season by quite a bit... low 18's! The elementary runners did great, also. Many of them ran the whole way, and everyone improved their times.

I ran with Sarah to encourage her. My 8 year old turned out a 26:39 5K time (3.1miles)!! That is a good deal faster than a 9 minute mile pace! She felt good while we were running and enjoyed looking at all of the pretty historic houses along the route and me reading the historical markers to her. This was her best time by over a minute... way to go! (Don't worry, some of you... I do not push the elementary kids to race competitively or do superfluous mileage at a young age...)

NOW for the UGLY....

Friday night the Dawgs lost (again) to Pontotoc. This, however, was not just any loss. We were ahead 14 to 7 in the 4th quarter. With about 5 minutes left, they tied the game b/c of some TERRIBLE calls. Ok, I realize this is said all the time, but really, there were at least 3 particularly blatantly wrong calls. I mean sickeningly wrong calls that led to their touchdown.

In MS high school football, overtime is sudden death. We went into DOUBLE overtime. The second time we scored a touchdown to put us down by 1. We went for 2 to win the game, and made it!!! BUT, the ref (the same ref who had been making the stinky calls from out of position) said NO GOOD!!! Then, the refs took off running and left the field. We were flabbergasted... it was so obvious that we had scored!

That night when Scott got home, he said that they looked at the film, and the calls in the 4th qtr were as bad as we thought. He also said that Kareem's 2pt conversion was definitely good on film as well. What a heartbreaker!

I know some of you might be rolling your eyes and saying, "it's just a game!" This is true, but I now have a lot more sympathy for coaches and parents of athletes. It IS just a game, and Christ is still King and ruling over all. On the other hand, when you know how many hours these coaches are working, how hard they are trying, and how hard those boys are playing, it really is difficult to get beat by poor officiating.

This is our last week of cross country season. Tomorrow is our annual shaving cream race day (pictures to come), and Thursday we will have our Ultimate Frisbee Challenge! Our last race will be the Race for the Cure 5k in Tupelo, and then we will have a cookout at the Johnsons' home.

This week is also homecoming week at the high school. Today my husband went to class (decade day) with his jeans rolled up, loafers, and a white T-shirt! I don't know what the other days are, but I need to take pictures! Thursday night is the big parade and pep rally, and then Friday we play Saltillo. Hopefully we will increase our record to 2-7...

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