Wednesday, October 15, 2008

blogs to note

A teenager in our church has just posted a blog entry that is very convicting to me. Her name is Ellen Riley, and she is the 3rd oldest in a family of 10. (I think she is 16.) The youngest Riley is adopted, and her post is about adoption. Check it out if you get a chance!

I can't figure out how people turn the blog blue and it makes a link directly to the blog... any help?

Another blog entry to note is my friend Christy Baumberger's... she lives in Evansville, IN. She had an interesting post about a comment Obama made about pro life issues. She's a very sweet girl with a sweet family... one of the things we miss about Kentucky is not seeing them!


Kurt Strassner said...

If you put an http:// in front of the web address, it will become a link.

Or if you want to make a specific word or words into a link (as in "click HERE") ...

-type your text,
-highlight the text you want to turn into a link
-click on the little globe icon in the formatting options at the top of blogger's typing window
-a box will open
-type the web address you want linked into the box (using the http://)
-click OK

Tell Scott I say hello. Miss you guys...

Christy said...

we miss you, too and speak of you often! we can't wait to see you- we have plans for February!!! We'll try to nail down some dates and get those to you guys.