Monday, November 3, 2008

XC Champ

Gas Money from New Albany to Clinton.... $40

Meals on the road for me and the girls......$30

Watching Austin Epting win state his senior year.... PRICELESS!
Austin, Hannah Walker, me, Richard Feist
(Tuesdae was there but off on her 10 miler!)

In 2002, Scott and I started a cross country program at East Union Attendance Center where he taught. It is a small, K-12 school out in the county. We had a great group of kids that turned into a great group of runners! The first season we did not do much, but the second and third seasons we had the boys' state champion, got state-runner up as a team (boys), and had a few girls get all-state. Best of all, the kids began to love the sport!

The first year we coached, Austin was a 7th grader. I was taller than he, and he probably weighed 80lbs. He was always a good listener, did what he was told, and worked hard. In fact, although he did not have the most natural ability, his hard work paid off exponentially over the years. We were there for three years before moving to Kentucky, and got to see him make huge strides in improving his times. While we were gone, Austin continued to improve and do very well each year. He is a very earnest young man who is quite determined. Most notably, it seems as though the Lord is really working in Austin's life. I have seen a humility and gentleness that is very encouraging. I believe he is planning to go to Blue Mountain next year, where he will join Richard and Tuesdae, two of my other kids from the beginning.

I debated as to whether or not to go this weekend... gas prices, plans that evening, would it really even matter, or was I just sentimental... However, I am so glad I went!!! I wouldn't trade the hug and thanks I got after that race for anything! WAY TO GO AUSTIN; I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

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