Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Menu Monday... or Wednesday!

Some of my friends post their menus on Mondays, and I think this is a great idea... I love supper ideas! I usually plan my menu according to day:
Monday- Chicken
Tuesday- Crock Pot
Friday- Homemade pizza or nachos
Saturday- Breakfast for dinner
Sunday- Popcorn, Cereal, Ramens.... fend for yourself

This week has not gone according to plan so far... see previous post...
Thursday- we are actually going to stay after practice and picnic at the park, so I don't know
Friday- Nachos before the football game
*I usually open a can of black beans, mix on stovetop with mozzarella, pour over nachos, broil for a few minutes, then add sour cream and salsa
Saturday- This week it's good ole country breakfast... Bacon, eggs, biscuits n gravy

My mother-in-law sent us two cast iron biscuit pans to make her husband's world famous biscuits in, so we are all looking forward to this week's breakfast!

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