Friday, October 24, 2008


I will be thankful when this election is over... I can't take any more drama or excitement. Each day I am sickened by the newscasters who are presenting "facts" with such a bias that I can't listen without making faces... On the other hand, the conservative talk radio shows are nothing but talk of the election, how biased the media is, and how we are going to perish if Obama wins.

Today I checked email and blogs, and then went to facebook. I don't know about your "friends" on facebook, but it seems mine are all political activists. The funny thing is, I have about half with liberal views and half with conservative. When my page comes up, each day there are links from about half a dozen people... some bashing McCain and making fun of Sarah Palin... some claiming that Obama is not a citizen and Biden is a hypocrite.... some promoting the constitutional party.

I had just finished reading a very swaying email in favor of McCain when I saw some links and digs about the Republicans on my facebook page. Impetuously, I wrote on their walls encouraging them to read what I had just read. All afternoon I was kicking myself for speaking out. These were people I haven't seen or spoken to in person in years, and here I am accusing them of not caring for the unborn!

I don't know what I was expecting as a response... you know, they are democrats... :) Anyway, I received two kind replies with explanations about their beliefs.

It struck me as I read the responses how we gather people around us who think just like we do. This is not always bad, but it is helpful to hear things from a different perspective... especially not the media's. These people are democrats, but are not pushing an agenda, and definitely not as evil-intentioned as many conservative talk shows would lead you to believe! I am not saying I agree with them! However, I think many of us conservatives have democrats in a box created based on the positions of the ultra liberal outspoken media.

The abortion issue is primary in many conservative hearts. Until now, I thought the other differences were as simple as good vs. evil. (Just kidding... ) I mean, differing fundamental opinions of how government should be approached... Control everything or not. Now I see that those are the fundamental differences, but really there are kind-hearted people who want more government control out of concern for the poor and helpless and the economy, and there are kind hearted people who want less government control because they feel it is our Christian duty to help poor and helpless people and that things can work themselves out without excessive gov't spending. I realize that is over-simplifying both sides and doing both sides injustice... it is 11:30, and I am thankful for clarity of mind... it just doesn't seem to be translating to paper!

Well, I am thankful for the little things that the Lord teaches us throughout the day. His reminders to me to be merciful and gentle are most welcome.

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Josh said...

may we all seek to understand our differences with love and gentleness