Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Becoming my mother

It is happening slowly but surely... I am becoming my mother! Reasons #534 and 535... I think my favorite season is now fall, and I am loving the color orange lately.

When I was younger, summer was definitely my favorite season. I loved the heat, swimming all summer long, and NO SCHOOL!!! Now, the heat doesn't bother me too badly, but more than it did. These days swimming is fun with the kids, but hanging out in my bathing suit all day is not quite as appealing. Finally, there are clearly positive things about summer break, but I am a closet nerd and actually enjoy school. I think I am learning way more than my children, and loving it!

This year for my birthday, my sweet husband gave me the perfect anniversary gift. Not flowers, not chocolate, not a fancy dinner... Oh yeah, he made me a cross country trail around our property! (I am sure this does not surprise some of you who know us well!) As I was running yesterday, I delighted in the slight changes of color in the trees, the cooler air, and the padding of fallen leaves underfoot. During the course of my run, I thought about the changing seasons and how much I have appreciated fall this year.

First of all, fall is cross country season! There is something energizing and stirring about going to a cross country invitational and seeing runner after runner strive to complete the course, especially when the air is crisp. In addition, running on a fall day when it is chilly and drizzling... can't get any better as far as exercise goes!

Next, and more in keeping with my mother, I love pumpkins and fall colors. It is so easy to remember the glory of our Father when we see His handiwork and detail in all creation! I also love bonfires, hayrides, going to the pumpkin patch, dressing in layers, and I get to pull out my knitted and felted bags! Which leads into...

Finally, after cross country season (there is still some fall left), there is knitting to look forward to! When the nights start earlier and earlier, I love lighting a few candles, snuggling up on the couch, and working on a knitting project. During the Spring and Summer I usually keep a project going, but I have had a 2 hour dish rag on my needles since July! I think first in line this year is going to be a shawl for Hannah and then for Sarah. Our church is quite chilly, and the girls have been wanting a wrap for worship services.

It is drizzling outside while a cold front pushes through, and I am thankful that fall is here!


Rileymom said...

Me too! I love,love,love fall. I really enjoy being outside & family worship around a fire under the stars is such a precious time. I'll be glad when Padme goes the way of those before her so I can have my fire thingy back. Trey's been using for a pig waterer. O.K., it was a waterer first but I still want it back. We'll have to get together soon to share a fire.
I just learned my boy is in Addis and getting ready for bed. Praise the Lord for traveling mercies!
Christy R.

Liesa said...

What a sweet post.
Continue to enjoy your trail, and the scenery!

Joy said...

Oh wow, this is exactly what I was telling my mom recently. I used to LOVE summer and swimming all day long, but now I'm starting to enjoy fall and the cooler weather! Heat bothers me just a little more than it used to, and I love the fall colors and leaves. I'm becoming just like my mom!

Joy said...

Oh and the cross country trail! That is incredible!! I dream of that. :)