Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hill and Dale Run

I can't think of a better way to start the new year than with exercise. Unlike the typical American way of hitting the comforts of a heated local gym, 450 or so in the Memphis area chose to run an 8 mile race in 25 degree weather last Saturday!

The annual Hill and Dale race in Millington, TN was Saturday, January 2nd. Esther Sanders decided to come and run with me, and I was thankful for her company! When we began to approach the park, it started snowing! (Well, the mid-south definition of snowing, anyway! Esther is from up North, and after staring intently, she agreed that there might be flurries!) By the time we parked and got out to register, it was undeniably snowing... and it was NOT about to melt! It was so cold!!! Fortunately, the snow only lasted about 15 minutes, and then the sun came out.
We kept all of our clothes on right up until the start of the race... and then we were off! At the two mile mark, I decided to shed my longs sleeved T-shirt. Unfortunately, I had a wardrobe malfunction, and my hat, glove, and i-pod came off! As I fumbled around trying to get everything back on, I hooked my i-pod up going the wrong direction (my shirt was caught in the cord). No big deal, except that I realized about half a mile down the road that I had been running past the crowd and camera with my bare stomach hanging out of my shorts... gross/embarrassing!!!

As we entered mile 4, there was a gigantic hill. This Giganto-hill was nothing compared to the uphill switchbacks we encountered at mile 7... grueling is a phrase which comes to mind!
I ended up finishing as the 5th female in 58:16. My goal was for under an hour, so I was pleased. Esther finished about a minute behind me, and she got second in the masters class! Josh Minnis, one of the Spartans, and our friend Anthony Mathenia were there as well. They both did a great job!

After the race, there was a pot luck lunch and awards ceremony indoors- still chilly, but at least we were out of the wind! The awards were neat tiles with a picture of the trail and name of the race.

We headed back to New Albany- the van thermostat stayed in the 80's all the way to Holly Springs!


Roan said...

Wow! What an awesome time! You go, girl!!
Have you signed up for the Oxford race yet?
We use Rosetta Stone for Spanish.

Meal Planning with Connie said...

Way to go! The weather has been so cold this week, I've been reduced to doing a few loops around the Supercenter! Not nearly as brave as you guys!!
Hugs to all!!

Heather said...

Connie, my kids have joked about organizing a 5K around the inside of Wal-Mart many times... It is a good way to get some indoor walking done!

Miekie said...

10.4 km in under an hour! Wow! You are an inspiration. I am osteopenic (on the brink of having osteoporosis) and should walk/ jog more. I love water aerobics, but it is not weight baring so I suppose it does nothing for improving bone density. Keep going with your jogging - its an investment for the future! (Hope you don't have any injuries again like you had before?)
P.S. There is nothing gross about a firm tummy like yours!

Anonymous said...

that's so funny about your clothes!! I haven't forgotten about your running cd I made you but new year's weekend, our computer just died. We still have our laptop which makes me less in a hurry to get the other one fixed.