Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sarah is 10!

We recently celebrated Sarah's 10th birthday... She is double digits now!!! She chose to have the Sanders girls come over after the Hill and Dale Run to spend the night. They watched a movie, worked on a play to perform the next day, and had a balloon fight!

On Sunday morning, we had french toast and got ready for church.
Birthday Girl!
Mycah, Hannah, Sarah, Eryn, Kendra- ready for church!

After church, We brought the Sanders girls and Sarah's friend Ruth home to play for the afternoon. They continued to work on their play and ventured outside just a bit... it was cold!
The rest of the Sanders came over that evening to pick up their girls and have Sarah's birthday dinner with us. The girls all put on a play about a cooking school... and made our dinner salad while doing it! Ruth had to leave a little early... but we sent her with a slice of cake (see below)!
We enjoyed spending time with the Sanders- what a fun family with 7 sweet girls! Sarah had a fun birthday!

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Matt said...

Happy (late) Birthday Sarah! Thank you so much for the nice orange scarf you gave me for a wedding present! I used it to move some bails of hay with the tractor in 4 inches of snow and a freezing wind and it kept me so warm!! -much love from Kentucky (Matt and Ashley)