Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quick Note & P90 Update

I cried SO hard last night... LAUGHING!!! Last week, I posted a few quotes that came from Mark Remy's book, The Runner's Rule Book. A friend of ours loaned me the book so that I could read the whole thing. (The quotes were from a article.) THIS BOOK IS GREAT!!! I got so cracked up that tears were streaming down my face. Every time I tried to read to Scott what had me so tickled, I would just start snorting and laughing even harder!!!

I suppose what made it so funny to me was how TRUE all of his rules and guidelines are... They were all things that I have never given a thought to, but just taken in stride. This man took the time to see the humor in it all and write it all down! From rules about passing gas, to posting training plans on the frig, to when it's OK to wear race shirts, this book has it ALL covered.

It would make a great, humorous read for a seasoned runner... OR it would be a great, informative read for someone just joining the odd subculture of runners (You know, so you can understand what's cool and what's not!)... OR, it would even be great if you are not a runner but want to understand us!

Well, the diet is going strangely well. I must say, chocolate protein powder blended with skim milk and frozen banana chunks (breakfast) has been my lifesaver! This afternoon while I was getting some frozen vegetables from the freezer, I spied my chocolate chip stash. I can't say I wasn't tempted, but I resisted! That is major for me!

Waking up early... Well, we are getting into a routine, and I am surviving; it's really not that bad. Going to bed early is the key... so don't call after 8:30! (And Scott has learned to not talk to me until we have been up for 30 or so minutes!)

The actual workouts have been good, but this morning kicked our tail. It was not plyometrics or chest/back... It was YOGA!!! Yes, yoga tore me up this morning. I thought it was a "roll out your grass mat and do some stretches" type deal. WRONG! My legs were burning, and I was leg dead this afternoon on my run!


Em said...

Glad you're doing well! I'm laying off the exercise altogether this week. Next week I'll pick up Jillian or maybe try to run (or both).

Roan said...

So it really isn't that bad without chocolate chips and coke? (my daily diet you know...)
I am thinking about adding some weight lifting to my runs. Let me know in a couple of weeks how the P90X is still going. Is it DVDs that you are watching? How long each morning?
Are you seriously going to bed at 8:30? How in the world do you get your kids to bed that early? What about finished with chores and the dishes?
Well, I guess you can email me your answers. I am really interested in all of this!
I ran on our trails today, and it is so hard. Those hills are killers!
Are you running in Oxford?

Roan said...

oh..we have that book and it is hilarious. I am the not fast girl who runs in make up and doesn't care! Ha!

Joy said...

That breakfast sounds like mine lately-- plain fat free yogurt with banana, cocoa powder, and a little maple syprup. I eat it for dessert too! Good luck with that P90x, one day I want to try it too. Especially the yoga part. :)

Sheri said...

You are my HERO!

Miekie said...

I do admire you! I mix my choc diet drink with non-fat plain yoghurt and it is yummy.
Keep up the good work! Any news on the new job?