Friday, January 15, 2010

-isms of the week

A friend of mine overheard this conversation between Will and his good buddy Ben as they were listening to the 1936 version of Eileen Barton's "If I knew you were coming":

Will -- This song sounds funny.
Ben -- that's because it is from way back in the 1990s!
Will -- How do you know?
Ben -- I can tell because of the words. They say could have "dropped you a note". That is not how email works....
Will -- (laughing) oh ... you are right. Man, this is an old song. Must be from the 90s.

This morning in the van, Hannah was reading a book in the back seat. She looked up and asked, "Mom, who was Michael Jordan?"


Liesa said...

Oh my...I am old! ha. CUTE

Roan said...

That is too funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning! This is one of the reasons why I record those priceless conversations!
Ha! Ha! I am still laughing!