Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yesterday's run

Yesterday I had a very interesting thing happen to me at the end and after my run. I am still not sure exactly what happened, but it was a good reminder of how dependent we all are on the Lord.

I had a plan. Just enough time to feed everyone an early dinner, go to town, quick 5 mile tempo run, head home, shower, get all of us to church. No sweat.

Turns out, that sweat seems to have been the little factor leading to the demise of my schedule! I got on the treadmill, warmed up, ran 5 miles (8 min. pace), and cooled down. Somewhere around mile 4 I began to notice my arms, around my nose, and around my sports bra/armpit line really tingling. I figured what was happening... three or four times before, I have broken out in an itchy-hivey rash in certain areas after running. It will last until I get in the shower and then I am fine... no sweat.

When I got off the treadmill to stretch, I saw that my arms and legs were entirely covered in hives. I stretched for a minute and then headed for the van... still planning on getting to church and figuring it would go away in the shower... As I walked out the door, I started to feel light headed and swimmy, but I thought it was because I had ran and then not stretched as long as usual. When I got in the van, I had the longest ride ever... it took large amounts of self control not to claw my skin off! I was itching terribly, especially my scalp and legs!

When I came in the door, everyone made a strange noise... that "uuuggh... what happened to you," kind of noise/facial expression. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I was bright red (like looking like I had just fried in the tanning bed) from hed to toe and covered in hives... Except, of course, my lips, hands, and feet... which were this weird dead person purplish blue!

I jumped in the shower, washed off... got super dizzy... ended up in bed FREEZING but running no fever for the rest of the night. By bedtime I was back to my normal color and feeling better, but how weird!

As I was resting, I was thinking about my plans. We always have a plan, a schedule, or an agenda. How many times do we forget that we are not in control! The Lord is the one in control of our minutes and days! What motivation to then center our minutes and days around Him- seeking Him, living our lives in a way to honor Him!

I was also thinking about health in general. How many times do we just go exercise or do our daily duties without giving thanks or even thought to the Lord for the health to complete them? It is so easy to forget that He formed us, sustains us, and is in control of all things. I am guilty, for sure, of taking things for granted and not being thankful even in the small things.

So, this morning, I am thankful for blue toes and a red body... a great lesson for me! Actually, I am even more thankful to NOT have blue toes and a red body! :)

I have no idea why that would have happened... one theory is that it was an allergic reaction to something... shampoo, laundry detergent, lotion, etc. The problem is that none of that has changed.... I don't know why it would happen 3-4 times randomly over the last 4 months, each time increasing in severity. Another is that something I internal is being excreted in my sweat and I am having an allergic reaction to that... who knows!

Scott thinks its the sports bra I am wearing... (it is only 18 years old and beginning to dry rot in the elastic!) He thinks it is breaking down and emitting some type of toxins into my body! Just kidding, that's his way of making fun of me!

I know this is way too much information... but a little excitement gave me something to type about ! :) Have a nice day!


Olivia said...

Oh, no! I hope you can find out what was causing that rash!

The Stringer's said...

That's funny what Scott said. I know what you mean and I appreciate you mentioning this. I had a similar situation a few years ago when I took Niacin(with flush). My entire body turned bright red as my blood rose to the surface and I was so hot I felt like I was on fire. I was rushed to the emergency room thinking I was about to die when in fact I just can't take Niacin. Your story reminds me of that. Oh well!

Laura in KY said...

Wow, that sounds scary! But more importantly... girl, you need to get yourself a new bra! Better yet, Scott can pick out a fancy shmancy sports bra for you for Valentine's Day. ;-)

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