Sunday, January 4, 2009

Catching up part 3

After our company had spent the weekend with us, I was fully aware that I had only one week until our school year would resume.

Remember the state of my house? It had not improved too terribly much at this point... a little spit shining here and there, but that's about it!

I felt compelled to have an annual purge/organize/clean day... which turned into 31/2 days! I started by removing everything from my attic, re-arranging, organizing, and purging as I replaced things. I then continued through our school room and the entire downstairs. When we moved into our home back in April, I unpacked boxes, but it was time to really organize things and get rid of all of the piddly little junky things that accumulate when you have 4 crafty children under the age of 10!

I know there are probably some moms gasping because I threw away puff ball/ pipe cleaner art and some of those little plastic bead things that you melt together with the iron, but so be it... it had to happen.

Meanwhile, a cold had been going through our home, and we all had our turns with stuffy noses and the need for Nyquil. Sarah was NOT particularly fond of the stuff!

While I was creating mass upheaval INSIDE our home, Scott felt it best to remain outside for the majority of the time. In order to make it a profitable few days, he organized the shed he had built a few weeks ago, shot a buck, and made significant progress on our chicken coop!

Now, we are completely aware of how redneck our shed and chicken coop look to ordinary observers.... BUT... my wood genius made them both out of almost all salvaged (key word for FREE) materials!
The chicken coop (made of fence panels, cedar trees, and 4x4s from a friend's play house) is attached to the shed on one side with a door to get into the nest boxes. Scott still has to finish the roof and make an enclosed run coming out of the open end.
Scott with his 5 point. Ok, Kentucky people, I know this looks like a dog to you, (and it was relatively small for around here, too) but he sure is tasty! We took this one to a processor and had the whole thing ground up... more versatile for spaghetti, tacos, etc.

On one of my cleaning days, our friends the McCallums came over. Ginny and I were both wearing our camouflage overalls, (very functional for working in the house and helping the wood genius) and we tried to take a picture. In one I have my eyes totally shut and squinting, and in the other she has a silly face b/c she is trying to keep her eyes open without squinting... oh well! Anyway, they came over and while I sorted through cabinets and took down Christmas decorations, Nathan installed our dishwasher (got a hand-me-down that was newer than our other hand-me-down!) and Ginny cooked lunch for everyone! They have been a great example of servanthood to us, and we appreciate them more than they know!

By Thursday afternoon, the house was in order, everyone was healthy (enough), and we went to Pontotoc to celebrate 2 friends' birthdays. We had supper and played several games... you know, old people fun... Taboo, Outburst, Pictionary, etc. It was a great evening! Happy birthday, Ron and Meagan!

Friday dawned, and we hit the floor running to prepare for Sarah's birthday party. She wanted to have some friends over to have cake and do some horse crafts. We ran to Tupelo to go to Hobby Lobby, came home to decorate, and got the cake iced. When we got home, Hillary and her family were already there. They came to celebrate with us and spend the night. While Hillary and I orchestrated the party, Scott and Adam worked on the chicken coop and went hunting... pausing for cake and ice cream, of course!

On Saturday I went for a long run (see next post), took a nap, and pooped out until it was time to cook supper and plan for this week's school. Boy, I am ready for a nice, "normal" week!


Roan said...

Hey Heather, We are kindred spirits! On CHRISTMAS DAY I cleaned out my entire kitchen---all cabinets and drawers! I boxed up 2 large rubbermaid containers of things that I need to keep, but only rarely use. I put those in storage. I organized everything, and I threw away a lot too! I know what you mean about the crafts......I threw away half a container of those melty plastic things that I found while cleaning out my laundry room--so they would not make more! :)

Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

I love the 'salvage' chicken coop! I don't know if you've noticed ours; Trey built it out of salvaged tin sheets.
Then there was the one Mama built years ago (when we lived somewhere else) ... my grandfather was building his house then and gave her all the leftover fine treated wood.

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