Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am ready for SPRING! We have had an unusually cold winter here in Mississippi, and I have been hibernating for the last few weeks. Aside from running and doing necessary chores, I have been hanging out close to the fire! (It doesn't help that our thermostat is set on 54 these days!)

Scott has done a good job keeping lots of wood split for us to keep warm in the close vicinity of the fireplace... it has been a little reminiscent of Kentucky! (We heated the downstairs of our house solely with wood) OK, never mind... nothing could compare to seeing your breath in the kitchen in the mornings! A few hundred miles north makes a BIG difference!

mighty wood splitter
Josh keeping warm (not that he even has nerve endings- the kid runs
around half dressed and barefoot all the time!)

We are still feasting on our Duley Deerest, as well as two other does that joined our freezer club! I have made deer meatballs, deer stew, deer goulash, deer tacos, deer burgers, deer spaghetti... you get the idea...

yummy deer goulash

Two nights ago, I ventured away from the fire to my sewing area upstairs. The girls had a birthday party to go to, so VOILA... I call it "purse de la scrap pile!" or... an illustration of necessity being the mother of invention!


Anita said...

Cute are very creative!! And I am with you on the hibernation...ready to take Caedmon and crawl under the covers until morning!!

Julie McAfee said...

Kirsten loves the scrap pile purse. We thought that you designed it that way. It is so cute! Thanks Mrs. Heather, Kirsten says.