Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Now and then

This past weekend, some old friends of ours came to visit for the day. Scott and Josh Ford played football together at Lambuth University, and Ashley Ford and I both ran cross country for Lambuth. Although we did not run at the same time, we were fast friends with much in common when we met soon after Scott and I were married.

Will and their oldest son, Weston, are almost exactly the same age... within a few days of each other. One day I will have to post about a canoe trip we all took when Ashley and I were pregnant with the boys... two wedding rings lost in the river, one wedding ring found in the river, many bruises, and a train passing by all night long 100yds from out tent... well, that's another story

Scott and Josh spent the day cutting firewood and doing work outdoors. Those two are peas in a pod- eager to work, and never eager to sit around inside, no matter what the temperature might be! In contrast, Ashley and I are peas from a different pod... we enjoyed hibernating together, INSIDE, by the fire! We spent the day visiting and keeping an eye on the children.

What a sweet time! Ashley is one of those friends that I do not get to spend much time with, but I still consider her one of my closest friends. We chatted about homeschool, raising children, our duties at home, running, and most encouraging to me, evangelism/discipleship. It is truly wonderful when friends can act as iron sharpening iron to each other, and I was reminded of the importance (and concerted effort it takes) to use the time God gives us in the community for His glory.

Here is a picture Sarah just found of Scott and Josh right after college

Sarah also pulled out this picture, which had nothing to do with last weekend, but it is one of my favorites from years ago... taken at Pinecrest, a church camp in LaGrange, TN.

Those were the days... Ok, back on track... Here is a picture of Scott and Josh now

Boy, are we getting old! Here are pictures of the Ford family and Weston with our boys

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