Friday, December 25, 2009

Will is 8!!!

Will's birthday was Sunday, December 20th, and he turned 8 years old! He had picked pancakes for breakfast- In a show of uncharacteristic cooking creativity, I made his using Christmas cookie cutters. He didn't get the usual streamers and fanfare that the kids do for each other, because we were a little pressed for time.

However, he was looking forward to having several boys come home from church with us for a birthday lunch and play time. Unfortunately, his closest friend, Ben, was running fever and had to stay home. He really missed having him there! A group of perfect little angels....Ha ha... yeah, right!
(You have to take the silly pose picture!)

I'll give you 1 guess as to what William picked for his birthday lunch... Give up?


Yep, Salad! He requested a big salad with boiled eggs and bacon bits. Sounded easy enough to me! The other boys were a bit skeptical, but almost all of them cleaned their bowls! They were eager to get started on board games or playing, but Will was not finished- he went back and ate a second full bowl (in Will's own deliberate way)... not rushing, just enjoying his big green salad! As a special treat, we got Coke ornament bottles for everyone there. (We had to get diet, b/c our grocery had sold all of the other options!)

Several grandparents sent money as gifts, and we got him a Magic Treehouse book that our library does not have. A friend got him a Nerf gun- wow, that made for a fun afternoon!
Although it was wet and chilly, everyone soon got a little stir crazy and went outside to play in the kudzu houses. They all came back in after an hour or two, and we had cookie cake for dessert.

I was out of candles, and all I could find was a number 9. Hannah got some writing icing and wrote beside the 9, "- 1 = 8!" So, you know, we home schoolers just can't give up an opportunity to throw in some math!HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILL!

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Courtney said...

What a classic picture of all the boys. That's a keeper.