Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

After the shop Christmas party, the kids ALL went home with my mom, and I got to have a few days all by my poor, lonesome self... Woo hoo!!! :) I went running and did some last minute grocery/Christmas shopping in Memphis, and then I headed back to New Albany for a major sewing marathon.

On Wednesday, which was the Eve of Christmas Eve, Scott and I headed to Memphis to spend time with my family. We had our traditional supper of dips and appetizers... and a whole lot of cookies!
After supper, we went into the big room and the kids opened gifts from Tootie (my grandmother) and my sister and brother-in-Law.
Sarah couldn't wait, so she went ahead and gave Scott the scarf she knitted for him!
Here are Evelyn, Sarah, Tootie, and Josh
Tootie and I- peas in a pod!
I made Evelyn a "Binky Bunny" and blanket this year. It is a cute little pattern made from fabric scraps. I liked it so much that I decided not to throw away as many of my apron scraps as I would have otherwise! See, you stitch on the eyes and face, and it looks like it is wearing a little diaper!
Evelyn loved it!
Adam, Will, and Scott hanging out and playing "Doe, a deer...."

Sarah and my dad

The Pitt family headed off to Lebanon, TN to visit with Adam's family, and we put our kids to bed. My dad and I stayed up to watch the old version of Christmas in Connecticut while I finished up Tootie's embroidered dish towel. The next morning, Christmas Eve, the kids woke up eager to open presents from Mimi and Papa!!!
Josh and his hidden blade light saber! This was the only thing he told anyone he wanted this year, so Sharon got him one, too... He was THRILLED to have two! Now he has one for when his buddy Jon comes over!
The girls got a video recorder! They promptly made a Littlest Pet Shop movie when we got home... complete with script, music, and pipe cleaners attached to the pet shops to move them!
I got 6 Fiesta plates! Yay! I have been collecting some accessories here and there, but I have wanted to start collecting the dinnerware as well!
Josh and Will

After breakfast, we went for a run and got packed up. It was time to head over to the Duleys for Christmas Eve! I didn't take many pictures- It was raining, and my camera was in the car... I wish I hadn't been so lazy!!! We had a nice afternoon with Bobby and Sharon.

Hannah got a neat craft tote and knitting accessories, Sarah got a LPS set (she has been collecting and playing with Littlest Pet Shop for 3-4 years now, but she still really enjoys it!!), Will got a metal detector, and Josh got his extra hidden blade. He has been practicing his double light saber blocking techiques ever since... :)

Somehow or another, we all got hungry again! (Even though 5 hours prior, we all claimed it would never happen!) Good thing, too, because Sharon fixed a FEAST!!! We had a delicious Christmas dinner with turkey and ALL the trimmings!
Brian (front left) had just gotten his wisdom teeth taken out and was limited to mashed potatoes... I guess he felt compelled to show us all his mashed potatoes! (Maybe it was the pain medicine!) Goofy Brian! :) Wait... I am not sure, but I think Josh might be showing off his mac 'n cheese as well... oh, boy....
Hannah and Grandmama Sharon

After dinner, we cleaned up and lulled around for a while... feeling too incredibly full to do anything very quickly! The kids played Uno (Josh's current favorite card game), Brian and Nuria exchanged gifts (with everyone watching and trying to guess... poor Nuria!), and we visited a while.

We headed back to New Albany and arrived home around 8:30. The kids unloaded and unpacked, and got ready for bed!


Anita said...

I had a Fiesta Christmas as well!! Maybe we should combine!! My mom gave me a cobalt pitcher about 15 years ago and for my birthday this year I got a red 9 x 13 casserole dish. I had commented to my mil that I would probably be 60 before I got another piece!! She usually doesn't get us anything, but this year got my a dozen mugs in various colors. Devin also got a small cobalt platter for me. I need new plates for every day, but I am afraid to get the fiesta....That's too much money to spend and unfortunately, we break things too frequently!!

kelley said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I love to look at your blog! :)