Friday, December 25, 2009

Shop Party

Every year around Christmas, my dad feeds his employees a big lunch of Corky's ribs, BBQ, and all the trimmings. Delicious.

The lunch has absolutely nothing to do with why my children love to go to "Papa's Shop."

It's all about the crane, forklift, and tractor!

My dad has a steel fabrication shop in Memphis, and the kids LOVE to go see him there! (However, OSHA would not be pleased at all to find out why!) After lunch, we walked out into the shop. My brother-in-law, Adam, took Levi and Evelyn for rides on the forklift.
My kids took turns riding on the crane. Sitting in the loop and holding on tightly, my dad would push his magic button and hoist them high (a little too high) in the air. As if that weren't good enough, he then would use the control bar and make them zoom through the air from the front to the back of the shop. What fun!Hannah is getting ready for takeoff!

Josh anticipating his ride across the shop

You can barely see, but there is a man working at the tan machine in the background (the press break). My dad sent Sarah back past the press break, forward a bit, and then sent her sideways into the machine and barely missing his worker... what must his employees think! :)

Scott worked for my dad for five years before feeling called into the ministry. Part of his time was spent working at this burn table. This is the man, Allen, who took Scott's place at the table and became a friend of his.
Before we left, I wanted to get a picture of the grandkids with my dad in front of the shop- It was impossible to get a clear picture of everyone and still get the L&W Fabricators sign in the background, but oh well!

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