Thursday, December 17, 2009

christmas recital

We began our Christmas break with a ballet recital. Sarah's dance studio performed a "Cliff's Notes " version of "The Nutcracker," and they also did some additional classical ballet Christmas pieces. Sarah was one of the Chinese dancers performing alongside an older Chinese dancer soloist.

Here she is in front of the stage Christmas tree.

Mrs. Justine has several Spartans in class- Here are Sarah, Shelby (Spanish and Russian danceer), and Kate (rag doll). Hannah Bagget was elsewhere, but she was the head Russian dancer.

The girls enjoy working with the "big girls" for their dances. It is fun for the, and it also helps make a beautiful performance. Nikki was Sarah's leader- She also performed as the Rat King.

Sarah's other performance was to the hymn, "Away in a Manger." OBVIOUSLY, I am very biased... BUT, I truly think this particular act stole the show. It was beautiful, graceful, and very well done! The girls all did a great job! Here they are in their ending pose on rehearsal night.
Part of the reason it worked so well was due to the re-runs of practice the week before... By the end of Friday night, the girls were TIRED, but they had it together!
Here are Sarah and Shelby again.
Sharon and Nuria came from Memphis for the show, but they had to head on back directly. After the recital, Kay took us all to George's for dessert. Here are Kay and Sarah enjoying a butterscotch shake and strawberry biscuit.
Kay stayed and went to church with us on Sunday. We had to get a good group with Nana shot before she left... This one is more flattering of everyone, but look at Josh in the second picture... He is smiling with open eyes!!!!

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Hannah said...

"Hannah Baggett was elsewhere" There is no telling where I was, I was hopping those few nights!

And I have no clue why Nikki was making such an expression in that picture! She normally smiles or keeps a straight face.