Monday, December 7, 2009

Hannah is 11 and Matt is Married!

Hannah had her 11th birthday on Friday! Coinciding with her birthday was the wedding of a dear friend of ours, Matt Taylor. The wedding was in Nashville on Saturday, but we drove up on Friday for the Rehearsal and dinner. (Scott read a passage and prayed before the vows.)

This ended up working out very well for Hannah... she got to stay in a hotel room on her birthday, have a nice dinner in a historic home, and see her BFF from Kentucky!

Matt was a member of our church when we lived in Kentucky, so for us, the wedding was also a mini Grace Immanuel Church reunion! We did not arrive at the hotel until about 10, but we shared cake with the Webers and the Stephensons.Saturday morning we all stayed at the hotel... the kids had a great time eating breakfast downstairs, watching a Christmas movie, doing somersaults from bed to bed, and going back and forth from our room to the Webers' room.

We headed off to the wedding, which was at a very old chapel... very fitting, if you know Matt. Here are my kids plus Clay and Drew Weber just before entering.
Once inside, we found some other friends from our Kentucky church! We had not seen the Banks since leaving Kentucky 2 1/2 years ago! Their youngest daughter, Piper, looks just like their middle child, Reagan did when we left!
Savannah Banks, Drew, Hannah, Sarah, Will, Josh... waiting for the ceremony to begin

Their ceremony was simply beautiful and very Christ-honoring. Scott read and prayed, and Ashley's pastor preached a short gospel message using the relationship of Christ to His church.
After they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Taylor (and enjoyed their very first kiss), we headed to the reception... at Barbara Mandrell's mansion!!! (Ashley's mom is the property manager for this home, which is no longer owned by the Mandrells.)

Congratulations, Matt and Ashley!

Christine, Lisa, the kids, and I going for some cake
Karen, Brett, Drew, and Clay Weber... too bad you can't see the indoor pool below the balcony they are standing on!
6 Duleys

Ernie and Lisa Banks with their children- Savannah, Reagan, and Piper

Ernie and Josh Bullock
Thanks to Adam's family in town, Hillary and Adam had a night on the town!

Will, Clay, and Josh at the reception

Hannah and Drew at the reception... right before they went to the restroom and got locked in the stall! Drew came to get me, then crawled under to try and help Hannah... Glad I was there when they both had to crawl out! hehehe!!! Nothing like getting trapped in a bathroom stall on your first visit to a 27,000 sq. ft. mansion!


Anonymous said...

hay, congrats to both Hannah and Mr. Matt!!!!!!!!!
-Haley L.

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