Friday, May 13, 2011

Subway debacle

On our way home from the Lincoln memorial, we knew we would be a little pressed for time. It turned out that the Lincoln memorial was 15 minutes away from the nearest metro, and I began to worry that we might miss the hotel shuttle.

We trekked to the metro and went downstairs. Sarah had the only working card! We couldn't figure it out, and the station manager had to fix our cards. Turns out, you can't just walk through the opening after someone swipes their card. You have to swipe hour card on the way in and out of each station!

We made it to our first station and then had to change trains in order to make it to our final stop. Late in the evening, there is more and more time between trains. As we began to approach our next train, it was just beginning to allow passengers to board.

We all took off running, and Sarah and Will hopped on the metro. I thought Hannah was in front of me, but as I stepped onto the metro while the doors were closing, I saw her standing behind me on the platform! In a split second, her face paled and I saw an expression of pure panic.

I had no choice. I stood there and let the doors sandwich me, while grabbing out for Hannah. I was trying unsuccessfully to pry open the doors, and a gentleman came to our aid. He worked to pry open the doors, and the driver released the door mechanism, allowing me to come fully into the train, dragging Hannah in with me.

The young man who came to our aid was from Connecticut, of all places! Such kindness from a Yankee, lol! Everyone here has been very kind and helpful, willing to offer help or advice whenever we ask! We enjoyed chatting with him about his work at the Capitol during the commute. After he exited the train, we developed a plan for what to do in case we got separated on the metro!

At our stop, we were exiting the metro about 10:35. I knew we would either catch the bus or have to wait almost a full half hour in a deserted parking lot for the next shuttle. The kids shared my anxiety, and we commenced to run up the never-ending escalator.

When we arrived at the top, we spotted our shuttle in the exit lane of the parking lot, just waiting for a green light!! We ran, waving arms and yelling, across the middle of the medical center parking area. Our driver saw us and waited...phew! We made it! (Our driver told us that he waited an extra 5 minutes before heading to the exit, because he was a little worried about us!)

My legs were a little wobbly until bedtime! I don't know if it was from our near disaster, or from running up the escalator!

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Sheri said...

What a Mom! Sacrificing yourself in the metro door for Hannah! Poor darlins! Thank the Lord for the driver who was worried about you!!!