Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Day

Our last day in DC was fantastic! We left the hotel, packed and ready to head back to Mississippi. We left everything in the car and entered our metro station for the last time.

We made a quick stop to get a close look at the white house. Ironically, the President was in Memphis while we were peeping through his gate!

The first lady's kitchen garden was so nicely organized. They even have a beehive for pollination! I joked that she probably never came out there to weed, but it turns out that she does!

After the white house, we went back to the American history museum... We had only seen 1 out of 3 floors previously, and Hannah couldn't wait to see the first ladies exhibit! Here she is with Mrs. Obama's inauguration gown.

There were several great exhibits... One showed the history of a particular house over the course of more than a century. I love this WW2 poster, and I am including the pictures of the accompanying kitchen.

In the exhibit about transportation through the ages, the kids reenacted our metro debacle for a photo!

In the hands on lab, Will created a marble moving contraption while the girls and I spoke with the scientist about the evils of sugar.

Before leaving, we saw Julia Child's kitchen, and we went back to see Kermit one last time!

We finished our DC trip with a fly-by tour of the archives. If we go back, we will definitely spend more time looking at the exhibits and maybe even researching relatives! I don't have any pictures, because photography is prohibited. We made it back to the metro and then to our car... Just in time to leave DC during rush hour!

We drove until after midnight, and then stopped for a short rest. We woke early, anxious to leave the "not so super 8" and finished our journey home... Just in time for baseball practice!

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