Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brian's Graduation

Last Saturday, Scott's little brother graduated from high school. To celebrate his graduation, his parents threw him a crawfish boil... like any good Louisiana folks would do! It was the first time our kids had seen anything like it, and they were surprisingly brave when it came to eating them! I think everyone tried at least one, although Josh and Will spent more time hanging around the dessert table!

Sharon's brother David and his family came up from Texas for the event!
Nuria, Hannah, and Brian enjoying some crawfish!

We were also going to have Jambalaya, but the rice didn't get done in time. We ended up getting to take home several tubs of it, and we have been enjoying it all week. We also got to take home a full cooler of crawfish... we got them all shelled (or whatever you say), and I made a batch of crawfish grits casserole. You can't get any more Southern than that!
Scott, Will, and Sarah
Scott servin' up some crawdads!
Scott and Brian in their Memphis shirts. Brian is going to Tiger High... Uh, I mean Memphis State... oops, I mean University of Memphis this fall! :)

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