Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Recital Weekend

I think we have finally recovered from last week! We finished up our last week of school, Sarah had her ballet recital Saturday night, Scott finished up Spring football, and we did a 5K on Saturday morning! Whew!

Sarah's ballet class had practice for the recital three times last week. It might not sound like much, but we are used to one hour per week, and this was several hours each evening. In addition, Scott was still in Spring football, so the boys got to watch dress rehearsal a few times! Will did not mind it at all, and Josh was not too put out... I let him play his Leapster or Game Boy in the lobby... time which is usually pretty strictly rationed!

I will post more pictures from the recital night when they become available from the photographer, but here are a few from rehearsals!
Thursday night was Scott's Spring football game in Vaardaman (home of the sweet potatoes!) We were really afraid it would get rained out, but they played anyway. This was GREAT, because the rainout date was Saturday evening... during Sarah's recital! I am so proud of Coach Duley and his defense... They kicked tail! Not one first down! Way to go, Dawgs!

Friday was our last day of Excelsior. We had a pretty easy day with a lot of review games and such. I completely intended to take a bunch of pictures, but somehow I only ended up with one of the boys' class! Here they are playing a history review game.
Friday night was the "official" dress rehearsal. We stayed until about 10:30 working on the dances, and then Saturday morning I took Sarah and Catherine (Hannah was in Memphis with my mom) to Tupelo for the Tie-Dye 5K.

This was a really fun race! First of all, it was a cross country course. I realize that in some opinions this was a drawback, but I still love cross counry races! Also, the name was "Tie-Dye," and we all got brightly colored tie-dye shirts! (If you know me well, you know that my favorite color is rainbow!) They had music playing the whole time, and the atmosphere was great! The only thing that could have made it better would have been some Grateful Dead to go along with our tie-dye... Just kidding, Ginny! Finally, the awards were great! Some of the older runners got bottles of fish oil with trophy things glued to the lids! Julie Johnson, one of our Spartans, was crowned the female tie-dye champion... complete with broccoli sceptor and bucket of fruits and veggies!

It was my first time to run 3 miles since coming out of my boot, and I think my leg is going to be fine! I took it very easy, and felt good while running. Later, I could feel some twinges, but I think more from the muscle atrophy that had occurred than anything. Here are some of our Spartans before the race...
We rushed home and started getting ready for Saturday night! Scott's mom, Kay, came up for the weekend, and my mother and father came up Saturday afternoon. Scott's dad and stepmom and brother came into town also! We had a nice afternoon visiting, having snacks, and enjoying coffee. Here is Sarah with two of her grandmothers!
Sarah had to wear a lot of makeup because of the stage lights, so here she is posing before we left the house!

Hannah Baggett, a girl we go to church with, also takes ballet. She is with the older girls and actually served as a substitute when Mrs. Justine had her baby (two weeks before the recital!!!) Hannah is a sweet girl who made Sarah feel very comfortable backstage and got her excited about dance in general. In one dance, the girls were supposed to look serious... Will leaned over and said something like, "Hannah doesn't do a very good job not smiling, does she?" :) In the above picture, Hannah and Sarah are in their modern costumes. Below, Sarah is in her classical costume, and Hannah is in her fairy costume.

Sarah and her teacher, Mrs. Justine
The boys were patient while I was backstage helping Sarah get ready.


Julie McAfee said...

Great job to all the Duleys. Sarah you look very pretty in your costumes. Thanks for letting Kirsten stay the night. Look forward to seeing you soon. We can go to Fleet Feet on Thurs. or Friday.

Roan said...

Heather, The girls all look so pretty and modest! I really like the tasteful costumes. This ballet place seems really neat!
See you Wednesday! :)

Meal Planning with Connie said...

Love the pics!! The girls look beautiful, and the boys cute as buttons! Give them all a big hug for me!!
Much love ~ Connie

Hannah said...

That Recital was so much fun! I'm proud of Sarah and her class, especially on the classical piece! I hope I am able to help with her class again next year.


Anonymous said...

i had no idea sarah danced! how long have you been dancing, sarah?

ivorydancer said...

Sarah, you are indeed growing up to be a beautiful girl! I miss you so much! You look so grown up already!!!
Seemed like only yesterday, you were the little girl who allways wanted to sit on my lap!