Thursday, May 14, 2009


It is 1:15AM... why am I still not in bed? I suppose it was the coffee I had during Sarah's dress rehearsal #1 for her ballet recital! I live a life of multi-tasking... every mom does... it is necessity.

Just take, for example, this evening. I was at Sarah's ballet rehearsal. I was enjoying a cup of coffee, visiting with a friend, watching the rehearsal, and filling out paperwork for being a foster parent when the lights would "un-dim."

Sometimes multi-tasking can be bad.

I spilled coffee on the papers while I was helping Will do something, and then I started crying because I was simultaneously reading about the process of parental rights being terminated (and thinking about all of the children who are in foster care... and why) and watching my nine year old beautiful daughter smiling and gracefully twirling on the stage with her class. My heart was breaking and full of inexpressible joy and thankfulness at the same time...

We got home (late), and I got kids in bed and went upstairs to make out my Latin test for in the morning.... You know, the one that I still have not started on! Instead, I began watching the John Adams movie, continuing to fill out foster parent information, and posting on my blog! (It takes a long time to upload pictures, so I try to have something else going on, and I have a very difficult time just watching a movie...)

Now, it is 1:26AM, and I STILL have not gotten my Latin test done. I suppose since I just dropped the bomb about being foster parents, I can put the Latin off for a few more minutes and explain!

We have several friends with adopted children, and we have always said we would consider adoption. It has never seemed to be the right time or financially feasible. However, after watching the movie Hotel for Dogs, (I know, I know... some people are moved by stimulating treatises and works of historical significance... and then there's the rest of us!) I began to think about being a foster parent.

I have never really considered it, because you always hear horror stories about families who get attached to foster children and then have to watch the kids go back to horrible circumstances. After watching that movie, the selfishness of my way of thinking began to dawn on me. If these children are going to need a temporary home, it seems of the utmost importance that it be a home where they can be loved and shown Christ. We should not out of fear or inconvenience abandon them to "parents" who are trying to make some extra money or who knows what.

As I thought about it, I mentioned the idea to Scott. A few days later, he told me to get some more information. I filled out a form, which led to more forms... apparently, you have to fill out lots and lots of forms before you get to sit down with someone and get information!

That's where we are now... getting information. We have not said that we are definitely going or not going to be foster parents, but it is something we are seriously considering.

Well, it is now 2:04, and I really need to get to this Latin test!


Roan said...

Hey Heather,
I was up almost as late as you! 12:15!
What kind of internet do you have? We have hughesnet, and I have found that if I edit my pictures by making them smaller before I upload them, they upload soooooo much quicker. You won't believe the difference!
Do you know how to do this? Right click your picture and choose some sort of editing program to "open photo with". Then find some tab or option to change the image size. You are changing some sort of number from 2000 x 3000 to 400 x 500. Then "save as" and give the picture a new name. Then you will have your original and your blog photo saved. I put all of my blog photos in a separate folder.
Alternately, you can email your selected pictures to yourself, choosing "make my images smaller" or something like that. Then right click the photos from the email, save them to a blog photos folder, and then upload them from there..
Clear as mud?
Have a great day. Hope everyone aces the Latin test!

Connie said...


I enjoyed all of these posts! I saw the one about you guys considering adoption last night. I though I left you a comment, but I must have done something wrong! I'm sure that doesn't surprise you!
I am asking God to guide you and lead you as you continue to gather information and complete forms. Any child would be very blessed to spend time in your home! Please keep us posted on how things are going!
I enjoyed all the pics from the picnic! I have failed my kids in many ways, but one of the ones I regret the most is not having taken lots of pictures. Larry is great about it, but when he's not with me - forget it! I'm glad you are recording all these sweet events for your kids! M.C. really enjoyed having you as a teacher this year. We are going to miss you guys, but know that God has a great year in mind of your family next year! We will miss you though!
It was so nice to see the pics of Scott's family. They look like sweet folks! I know it was a special night!
I am looking forward to seeing you guys a lot this summer!! Come by anytime! I'm going to surprise you with visit to NA, too! I'll call first!! Ha!
Love you guys ~ Connie

Miekie said...

Hi Heather
I really enjoyed your pictures and all your posts. My sister was a foster parent and a "place of safety" for a few years. Saying good-bye to the children was difficult, the same way it is difficult to say good-bye to a relative. It is not farewell forever and life moves on. But what an unselfish thing to do! I pray that you will get all the guidance you need and that God will direct the right children at the right time to you - or have I got it wrong? Are you already fostering a child? Your comments about multi tasking at the ballet, brought back many memories. By days as a ballet and gymnast mom, have long since passed, but I remember simply loving planning and making the costumes with my daughters and watching them perform. How was the Latin test? Did you take it or your children?(I'm still trying to catch up here.)