Wednesday, November 26, 2008

new backgound

By the way, if you haven't noticed, I changed my background. I went with the maroon because it was football season and everything, and I picked "dawg days..." because it went along with the football theme.

I never really liked the name, though, so I changed it... I do like alliterated things! Maybe it will stick, maybe not... any better title ideas? Definitely open to suggestion!

If you ask my children what my favorite color is, they will immediately tell you, "Rainbow!" I love bright colors and all the colors of the spectrum together... hence the new background! It makes me happy!

Speaking of happy, Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Today Scott's sister and family are coming into town, and tomorrow my parents, Scott's dad, stepmom, brothers, and some people from church will join us for a feast. I think it will be about 25 in all. So... I need to get movin' and clean my house! :)


Roan said...

I love the new background. So happy and cheerful.
I am bugging you, I know, but I have sent you an email to the address listed on your facebook (the gmail one), and put the same message in your facebook inbox. I am just worried that you didn't get the item I sent you (a little happy for being a great coach and friend!!)
Hope to hear from you soon.

Olivia said...

I love your new background!!