Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sickness and Hannah-ism

The Duleys are generally pretty healthy... good solid stock, if you know what I mean. We have made it through church-wide bouts of stomach bugs and colds with nary a sneeze. But when we fall, we fall hard.

Last Tuesday, Josh started running fever. He had been exposed to strep throat, so I took him in to be tested... postitive. Wednesday Scott was down. Thursday saw Sarah and Will spike temperatures. Friday morning came, and Hannah was down and out. On Saturday, alas, I did not escape; I awoke with a funny feeling in my throat that progressed into a fever and all out sickness as the day went on.

Ironically, just in time for mom to get sick, the 6 year old was getting better... and stir crazy!

I don't know if it was the fever or the RRCA visualization techniques on my mind, but last night, as I lay still, a monumental, microscopic battle was taking place within my blood stream. The white blood cells were regrouping (literally), calling in the cavalry, and brandishing their swords. They were a little beat up, worn down, and fatigued... but this was no time for quitting. It was all out war, and this was the battle that would make history. The foe could not be allowed to keep a foothold, and the white blood cells were about to escort the evil enemy to doom. At first, it wasn't looking promising, but Team White decided to rally and give one all out last push. Their efforts were rewarded! The ugly little vermin were exiled to the icy arctic toe regions... where they would await execution by drowning in the shower drain at dawn.

My kids got a kick out of that story tonight... I actually woke up with a much lower temperature today, and I am very thankful! I am not sure what we had, but I don't think strep throat was the only bug we were fighting. It is Tuesday night, and Hannah still has a 101 temperature, and mine is still hovering just a tad above normal.

My plan is to get some rest and let Team White totally finish the job... BECAUSE... I had to call in sick my first two days at BMC!!! Coach Smith was very understanding, but still... AAARRGGH. We should embrace every opportunity to be humbled.

Hannah-ism: Tonight at dinner, we were discussing a movie, and why it was rated PG-13. I said that is was because of "scenes of massive destruction."

Hannah said, "Oh, then our house is PG-13!"

Scott, not understanding, said, "We have a PG house!"

I explained what she meant, and then Hannah added, "Well, it really is PG-13... we also have brief displays of nudity! (Josh!)"


Claire said...

This is Lisa, not Claire.

So funny about the brief displays of nudity! I can relate! Preston's wouldn't be brief if he were in charge!

Catherine said...

Still laughing over here.

Roan said...

(this is Olivia)
LOL! LOVE THE BATTLE!! I hope that Hannah wins the war soon, too.

Meal Planning with Connie said...

So sorry you guys have been ill. I hope everyone is much better soon!!
Hugs to all!

Miekie said...

Hope you're all better. Loved your Hannahisms. Good thing you blog about them - you are all still going to have such a laugh about them one day!

Olivia said...

I awarded you! You can go to my blog to get the award-if you want to do it.