Sunday, March 28, 2010


Scott has been (and will continue to be) preaching through Galatians at our church on Sundays. The sermons have been so very helpful and clear... I am very fortunate to be married to one of my favorite preachers! If you would like to listen to any of his sermons, click HERE!

In chapter one, the three divisions were "God's Gospel," "A Different Gospel," and "A Convinced Apostle."

In Galatians 2:1-14, the divisions were "Liberty," "Slavery," and "Practical Legalism."

  • Is not the right to rule over self
  • Is not liberty to be lazy in our seeking after God
  • Is freedom from the law FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS! He used the example of how the law WAS a burden on our backs, but NOW in Christ, it is a guide in our hands.
  • Is freedom to know Christ as Mediator and obey him out of love
Slavery or Bondage:
  • Deals with the externals... the outside of the cup. It does not deal with the heart... Slavery says change your heart from the outside in... WRONG!
  • Biblical Christianity says we have hearts of stone, and God must change our hearts... change begins within and works its way outward!
Practical Legalism:
  • When our focus gets off Christ, we lead self and others astray.
  • Think of a wagon wheel with a hub and spokes. If we replace Christ as the hub and put one of the spokes in the center, the wheel will never work properly... and yet, somehow, we are so proud of that spoke that we stick in the center! So proud, in fact, that we often deny Christian fellowship to someone who has not placed as much importance on that spoke as we have!

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Kurt Strassner said...

been listening ... and being helped. thanks for the link. tell scott thanks for the hard work, too.