Sunday, March 28, 2010

F/D pics and Catching Up

Well, it is a little later than I had planned, but here are the Father/Daughter banquet pictures from a few weeks ago!

Things have been really busy around here!

BMC is going well- I really, really like the group of runners I am working with! I think it is going to take a little while to feel like I am situated and have a system for things. All at once I had to come up with recruits for next year, a training plan for this spring and summer, a brochure and plan for a summer running camp, and several other things!

This would be no problem, but because I am trying to do this IN ADDITION to all of my other duties, it has been a bit of a challenge! The kids have all been a tremendous help around here. Hannah has taken over laundry, Sarah helps in the kitchen, and the boys are doing a lot more as well. I am going to have to learn to be even more disciplined with my time and my organization.

Last week I spent a day working on getting my school organized. That made school go so much more smoothly... we actually did all of our work this week! (Even geography!) Although we had a great school week, I realized that my next project to work on is going to be DINNER! I did not do such a great job of having dinner ready for us all when I got home, and I need to get a menu my crock pot meal list back out!

Hannah got her cast off last week, and now she is in therapy twice per week for a few more weeks. She can almost straighten her arm! Boy, was she glad to get to play the violin again on Friday!

Friday night we got to go to the wedding of Emily Riley to Tyler Upchurch. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I hope that their marriage is a wonderful, God-honoring relationship!

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