Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mito- What? 5K

Yesterday morning, the kids and I got up very, very early and drove to Millington, TN for the Jackson Culley Mito-What? 5K. Jackson Culley is the son of my first cousin, and he has Mitochondrial Disease. It is a disease that creates weakness in all of your cells, and there is currently no cure. The 5K was an effort to raise money for research... All in all, I think they raised almost $20,000!!!

My cousin is the son of my father's sister.... so most of the Crosier clan was there to run, walk, or support the family. It was a beautiful morning, and the Duleys showed up Ready to RUN!
My Aunt Gwen and the kids B4 the race

Josh did the one mile fun run with my dad... he came in third place! They think it was only one QUARTER of a mile, though! Oh well... Josh was offering no complaints!
Sarah and my mom after the awards- mom has her BMC shirt on!

Sarah doesn't know what her time was, but she got first in the 0-14 girls! Hannah got third in 0-14... this was great, considering she got her cast off on Thursday and hasn't been running! Will got third for the 0-14 boys, and he ran under 30 minutes! I got second over all female, and my time was 21:13.

We all wore our Spartan shirts, even though we couldn't race with them in Pontotoc. My dad even had his Spartan colors on! (It was not planned, but it made a good picture... except for my goofy face!)
Dad and I with the kids after the awards


Lynn said...

Congrats to all of you!!!
We missed yall! Not sure of our official times but John Parker finished in 27:? Carson and me
31:? Hoping they will post official results in a few days!
See you Tuesday and I am going to go to the bank after I drop off the children.

Em said...

1. You look all of 12 years old in that picture! And skinnier than *ever*. For real. Don't argue. : )

2. That time is ridiculous! You're the

3. I know I've said this before, but you're Mama's pretty!

Love you and hope to see you soon!

Roan said...

Congrats to all the Duleys!

And Heather!! You are fast girl! I am so happy for you. I guess you had your Wheaties before the race!