Sunday, November 29, 2009

War on Kudzu

Kudzu: an insidious vine that has taken over Mississippi. Apparently brought from Japan to control erosion, it seems to especially thrive in rural areas... most notably, rural areas with broken down cars and falling down buildings.

Although we do not have any falling down buildings (and only one broken down truck... $500- any takers?), this vine has crept onto the edges of our property! The government is fighting a war on terror, but here, in the good ole boy Keownville community, we are fighting a war on kudzu (and thorns).

We began clearing our property line in the area where the kudzu is the worst. The war strategy is to clear a nice wide path on both sides of the property line and then go from the inside out to the line. This way we will circle the wagons around the intruder. Our war strategy is also our first step towards fencing part of the property for my goats!

Hooray! No kudzu and fresh goat's milk! Happy thoughts, indeed!

The kids have been helping us cut and clear, and also creating a little village of "kudzu houses!" Hannah had gone in to get supper started for me, but above are Josh, Will, and Sarah.


Nathan said...

Don't kill it and clear it out.....Pick it and make jelly. Kudzu jelly is actually really good.

Roan said...

(this is Olivia)
LOL about the spandex!!! It is great! I am about to go RUN, first time since the 2week break. Yay! Good luck with the Kudzu war.

Matt said...

I saw a video one time about Kudzu,and in it an old, rough farmer said, "Kudzu is from the Devil." I thought it was so funny! I like the overalls too!

Emily said...

You'd have to REALLY love kudzu jelly.