Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coming to a Close...

Well, the football season just ended, and this is our last week of cross country season! We have been very busy around here for the last several months, and I can't wait to more than 1 "stay at home day" per week! It had been a great fall, but I am tired and ready for a break!

The NA Dawgs had their first winning season (in a long time) this year! Of course, Coach Duley did a great job with the defense and held most teams to a respectable score.

Although Scott is an awesome coach and a favorite of the players, he has chosen to hang up his coaching whistle... (I am working on getting him to trade it in for a blue and green one, though.) He will be able to do a lot more at the church, and we will get to see him during the fall!! It was not an easy choice for him, but he feels like this is where the Lord is leading.

At the time, this information was not widely broadcast, but he tried to quit coaching last year... but changed his mind due to the coach not being able to find a replacement and the threat of not having a teaching job. However, after another season of being gone 80-90 hours/week, he still feels like coaching is not the best for our family. SO, we are back where we were last year... but he is more firm about not changing his mind.

Our last race of the season was a GREAT one. We ran in the Save a Life 5K in Ripley, MS. I think almost everyone ran either their best time or close to it. It was not a huge race, and so the Save a Life people were happy that the "sea of green" decided to show up!

It was a beautiful morning- absolutely perfect for running! I ran with Sarah, and after much weeping and gnashing of teeth during the race, she finished in 24:32... 3 minutes faster than her best time! I knew she could do it! Hannah also met her goal for the season- 27:59... close, but technically still under 28 minutes!

Will and Josh missed out on this race to go on a father/son campout Friday night. Saturday morning was also the first day of youth season, so they went home and hit the woods.

After the race, the Homeschool Channel had a person there filming and interviewing the Spartans. They all enjoyed talking to the camera! We fairly swept the awards ceremony, and then headed over to the Gunnells' home for our end of season party.

What a perfect day for a cookout! It couldn't have been any better! We had chili and hotdogs, and the kids played flag football, rode horses, went on a hayride... you name it! We even got to listen to the Gunnells play their violins... always a treat!

After I passed out Spartan awards, the team presented me with many sweet, sweet gifts. Some of them include cards and letters from the runners, a cash gift, a gift card to Pleasant Hill Grain, and a MULTITUDE of wonderful crochet gifts... most notably a pig wearing a Spartan XC jersey!!! Wow, I am so thankful for this group of runners!

Now, we are ready for a week of CLEANING and getting ready for our Thanksgiving trip to Gatlinburg!

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