Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gatlinburg Days 1-3

After 3 hours of sleep, the alarm clock did not wake me up... Hannah entered our room at 4:07. "Mom, Mom... it is after 4- we are going to be late!!!" After assuring her that we were not "going to be late," we got up and got moving...

Our first two hours on the road were a little rough. Scott and I always have to have a good fuss, and then we are good to go for the week. After we got it all out of our system (including a vow on my part to never go on vacation with him again), the next 5 hours were very smooth and enjoyable! It took us right at 71/2 hours to get to Jellystone.
Yogi, Hannah, Evelyn, Josh, Will, and Sarah

You know, Jellystone... the home of Yogi Bear! We are staying at a campground close to Gatlinburg, TN, right next to the Great Smoky Mtn Nat'l Park. Yogi has come around to visit everyone at least once already!

This place is BEAUTIFUL!

There is a stream running around the entire campground, mini golf, a playground, access to trails in the Nat'l Park ... Duley paradise!

We arrived in the early afternoon on Saturday, and just spent the rest of the day getting settled in. Sunday was much the same. We had a nice family devotion time, and spent the day at the campground.
The family having pot roast on Sunday afternoon

My children are crazy. You can guess what the temperature is like here... not warm. Imagine the temperature of the mountain stream rushing around the campground... COLD! Now picture 4 wacky Duley children SWIMMING in this stream! I am not talking about just for a second... I mean every day begging me to go and play in this icy water (multiple times per day!!!)

I think the weeks of cross country season coupled with too many late nights sewing had taken their toll... I went to bed at 7:30 the first two nights!

Monday I went for my first run on the trail behind the campground. I made it 2.2 miles up the mountain before I turned around. I wish I could say that I bowed up and ran the whole way, but I had to stop and walk twice. (Of course the downhill was a piece of cake!) I am taking the day off today, but I hope to try again tomorrow.
Scott and Sarah with a cookie- Mom had made beautiful fall shortbread!
Hannah and I looking at the Park map
Dad and I sitting by the fire

Hannah practicing violin for us- Evelyn loved it!

My mom, sister, the girls, and I went for a visit to the Arts and Crafts trail Monday afternoon. We got to see several craftsmen at work, including a potter, wood worker, and a metal worker.
The girls on the craft trail with their moonshine

The rest of the group met us in Gatlinburg for a delicious dinner at the Park Grill and shopping on the Gatlinburg strip. We got to see salt water taffy being made, sample fresh fudge, and check out every hunting knife from one end of the strip to the other!
Josh driving the other kids in the sleigh- downtown, Gatlinburg

Josh tried really hard to convince me that he needed a foam practice sword or a new knife or this firestarter stuff.... we convinced him that his souvenier money would be enjoyed most with a canteen!

What fun- I stayed up way past my bedtime... all the way to 10:00!


Anita said...

DId you make it to The Forge? Hope you are all enjoying your stay.

Nathan said...

Did Yogi take any picnic baskets?
Hope you are enjoying it there.

Katie said...

Wow. 10:00! You should go really crazy and stay up til 10:15 tonight.

Love you! Have a wonderful time.

Julie McAfee said...

Enjoyed hearing about your trip. Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

While you were out that way did you do the Blue Ridge Parkway?