Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sherman Days

Well, it turns out that our spaghetti supper did the trick... most of our runners had a GREAT race yesterday morning. All variables were in our favor: not only had we all eaten pasta and heard an incredibly motivating speech... (obviously joking... Scott told me that squeaky-voiced people should not try to motivate large crowds!) BUT ALSO, it was cool, overcast, and the course was flat!

By the time all of the Spartans had arrived, I am sure that the non-spartan runners were wishing they had gotten the memo and worn a green shirt! :)

Here we are at the start... preparing to flip our switches and turn into animals!

Uh oh... Here comes big mama... almost done! I ran a 21:03, which is the fastest I have done in a few years. The best part about it was that I am not injured today! :)

Julie is finishing with another runner (Kirsten?). The runners are all very kind about cheering for each other. Usually, when a spartan finishes, she will jog back and pick someone to run in with.... "No man gets left behind!" Julie and Danielle were FLYING... They both almost ran under 20:00!!!

Here comes Hannah! Hannah ran her best time, which was 31:21! Way to go, Hannah!

Sarah did a great job, too. She ran 27:??, and she got first in her age group!

Here we are for a nice family photo... All 50 of my children!

Hannah, Sarah, and I after the awards ceremony. I am so glad that we have an activity that we all enjoy!

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Heather Brandon said...

So what animal do you & you & your youngins think of? I think of you as a gazelle.