Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cute gifts

I have mentioned the "craftiness" and kindness of my girls' team... I just wanted to show off a couple of gifts that I have recently received....
I love these slippers!!! I am usually knitting slippers for other people, and I have never made a pair for myself! I think I might have to change patterns, b/c these are cute! Thank you, Olivia... they will keep my feet warm on our cold tile this winter!

This is my official Spartan hat! Great for coaching in cool weather, or for wearing when we are hanging around outside by the bonfire! Now my team spirit is complete! Thank you, Julie! I love it and will wear it often!


Heather Brandon said...

I love your hat & your booties are almost as cute as the newborn ones you make! Congratulations!

Sheri said...

Cute hat and slippers!
You are cute too!
Love you,

Nathan said...

I like that hat,
And the shoes are nice too.